I know Video Game based movies are usually bad, but this is one awesome movie. I recomend it to any fans of action movies.
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Any other’s of you seen it?

EDIT: Google has betrayed me! ;_;

Uh … that’s the Doom 3 website, not the Doom movie website.

What I heard was that it was alright, but only if you pretend it isn’t Doom at all.

That movie was a bastardization of what Doom was…

The movie did deliver a decent sci-fi/horror flick, but they missed some of the marks that could have made Doom one of the BEST game movies…

Heres my point: In doom, the story is that while researching teleportation technology, humanity discovered a portal (and I believe this took place on Mars) to a new world (hell). The portal became unstable and the creatures (demons) within began coming over to our world and taking over.

The problem with the movie is they tried to make it another genetic experiment plot. And frankly those are getting old.

Had they made Doom the movie about HELL, there would have been more exciting scenes, imo. I was hoping to see them go to the digsite and go into hell and fight a boss demon and everything… But no, the final boss was just a psychotic “The Rock”… Oh well, maybe the next VG movie will not only be good, but at least TRY to stay true to the game’s plot.

Worst movie I’ve seen this year.

It’s not a portal to Hell? Damn. They sure screwed up big time on that one. I’ve now lost all hope of it even being enjoyable. Thanks for saving me $7, Izlude.

the movie was adequate, and possibly the best video game adaptation, but it still missed a lot.

I think squad-movies need to be less concerned about emulating real combat strategies (all the pairing up and dual-covering and flanking and shit) and focus more on differentiating the characters. That’s what Aliens was alllllll about.

Although I’d have to admit, I thought I’d hate the first-person part of the movie, but it was actually sorta cool.

I didn’t really like it, but I don’t really like any movies that are based on games.

Well, if you could get past the poor acting, script, direction, and action scene coreography, it wasn’t all that bad a movie.

He wasn’t talking about Rocky Horror…

… Sigged.

I thought that part of the movie was funny. I laughed. It’s just like you would think in a game, you turn around and the mutant/demon says “Rarr” but does nothing to attack you(right after he sets that one on fire).

Rocky Horror will always have one redeeming quality above all else in it: Tim Curry dressed as a woman murders Meat Loaf dressed as a hardcore biker. With a pick axe. After a musical number.

Why are VG movies still being made? That’s the real question.

Because the technology to make them somewhat like the game is becoming more readily available?

Better question:

How come Mortal Kombat was the only VG movie to keep relitavely true to the game while not raping the canon so much that it made a terrible adaptation? The acting wasnt GREAT, but it was certainly passable. The scripting really carried the movie and while the plot wasnt amazing it certainly FELT like Mortal Kombat should feel…

Over all, even though it wasnt a fantastic movie, Mortal Kombat is IMO the best video game movie in existance.

More films should use it as an example when adapting games to movies…

I strongly disagree, I think either of the two Resident Evil movies are better than Mortal Kombat 1.

the reason why video game movies are made is, in order:

  1. Profit
  2. Hollywood is grappling for fresh ideas wherever they can find them
  3. There is some genuine potential to make a great movie out of one of them. I mean like, if they made Doom like some sort of Vietnam War meets Die Hard meets Event Horizon blastfest it’d be a terrific start to the series.

It also would have been good if it followed the book storyline. Although that’s not the official storyline…

No Cacodaemon?

A big FUCK YOU to whomever made that movie.

I always thought the plot of Mortal Kombat was: Earth will be destroyed unless you fight each other to the death; which would make it easy to keep to that plot. Then again, I wouldn’t have guessed that they could screw up the plot of Doom, which was: we found a portal to Hell on Mars, kill the demons.