Don't try to pirate XP

Just trust me on this one.
My retail version no longer works due to my constant reformatting and activating the key. Rather than sit and wait through an hour or so of stupid tech support, and explaining myself, I decided to attempt to download XP.
Hahaha oh god is that stupid.
Rootkitted spyware, winlogon-embedded spyware, it had it all right ‘outta the box’.
All in all, I ended up losing a day to the damned thing

Sometimes, piracy is a pain in the ass.
Glad I don’t do it much at all.
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With the current prices for windows XP (at least it’s insanely expensive around here), I think a lot of people are more than ready to tackle stuff like that instead of not eating for a month or so…
(Seriously, one little silly disc somehow seemed to cost appr. as much as I would spend on a food for a month when I was living on my own for a while (90km to school otherwhise).)

Tch, tch, tch.
You have to know what you download and install is all.

I spent a day going into safe mode, running rootkit detecterwhatnot, checking the hell out of the registry, and then rebooting, and then there still being the spyware ads and whatnot.
I ran Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta, Adaware, Spybot, Symantec, Hijack this, and about 8 different rootkit things.
Apropos is just bad. Very very bad.
It was embedded into the explorer.exe and winlogon.exe files, and booted before I even got into the login prompt.

Like I said, nul. The numbers of seeders/leechers was misleading as to the content.


For what XP costs, its easier to just buy a new computer.

Yes, it is much, much too expensive. That’s why you buy OEM Lisences.

Just use Mac or somethin’.

I think I will ignore your warning and continue to use this pirated copy of XP I’ve used for years! Take that!

Mine’s still (technically) pirated, even though I goddamn paid for it.

Setz, never recommend Mac. Ever.

I can Get Home SP for £90, That just delays my FF11 start date by some time… or just made FF11 entry possibe, Since I was running 98 First Edtion!!!

A Working PC is now just over £200 brand new… That is An internet brower ready PC…

Honestly, those companies complain about piracy, but has it ever occoured to them that not everyone is a goddamn millionaire? And spyware is a plague. As if viruses were not enough, no we have to be on the lookout for other pesky infiltrators. Of course technically, the difference between them isn’t that big. After all, spyware also clogs up the system and tends to screw everything up.

Well, formatting here and there isn’t a problem, it’s even a healthy practice. But Steve, constant reformatting?

The problem is not the hasle of reactivating XP through phone service. There’s a saying that goes like “problems will not be solved unless you cut them by their roots”. Solve the problem that’s making you reformat so much and you won’t have problems with XP activation.

There is a time span after an activation in which you’ll have to explain yourself to support if you have to reactivate. After that, though, you don’t need to - you’ll be able to activate by the internet normally. I think it’s about a 6 months period. Now, if you have to format more frequently than twice a year, I suggest you reconsider the software (besides OS) that you’re using.

Yeah, I hear that, it’s like, the “full” version of a coupla progs like Photoshop and Poser and Flash Studio and Maya are like over a thousand fricking dollars.

Yar: That’s because those particular programs are really meant for professionals, not kids dabbling in their home computers. And for them, it’s a business expense, just like you’d have to pay rent and heating for a store if you were running one.

I dunno why WinXP is so expensive… you can get a 2 GHz computer WITH a monitor, with Windows XP installed, for four hundred bucks Canadian. It’s like half of that cost is just for Windows XP. (Well, actually it isn’t, since the store buys it bulk, but if you would buy WinXP it’d be half the cost of a new computer.)

I use a mac.


Yea, he’ll get right on installing a PowerPC based system on his x86. Good call buddy.*

I’m running pirated XP right now, and have never had any trouble with it. Installed it a few years ago with a CD-key i copied off of one of the computers at school. I’ve even gotten support with the system, and can recieve updates. You just must’ve gotten a bad release :\

*and yes, i know there is MacOSx86, but that doesnt count because it doesnt work on everything and ruins my attempt at humor >:E

I was tempted to download XP, but then I was too scared to, since I figured it would be infested with all the shit that Steve is describing now. I don’t mind dishing out a hundred and fifty bucks (actually ninety nine =D) for that peace of mind. I just couldn’t bring myself to steal it since I’d end up losing my computer to all of that horrible stuff.

TD is the <i>ultimate</i> warez pimp, and you people are just flippin’ for not letting him hook you up with some of das shit >:(