Don't play Hitman...

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[b]I love pissing people off, sorry, but I love doing it, calm down man, it was a joke, you people need to calm down sometimes! Have some humor for once

(e.g.) - We laugh at joke:o :slight_smile: :o [/b]

(e.g.) :wink: :frowning: :wink: - We stare at you like an idiot.

:noway: - Whatta knock off!

Use your brain!!-:wave:

Hey get your own ideas!! :o

Well anyways, hitman 2 isnโ€™t the almighty god of games (Hail RO), well anyways, it really lacked a good plot, and the first one was acceptably better, (bullet holes, w00t!), well anyways, have any one of you played Brute Force? It kicks so much Ass!

BOOBIES! / /( o Y o )\ \

Good god, MM youโ€™re getting to the point of spamming. Knock it off. If youโ€™re just going to derail a thread or post stupid crap, then donโ€™t post at all. This is your warning, donโ€™t do it anymore.