Don't Panic

…There’s still time to see the movie before everyone else has!

I just saw <i>The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy</i>, with Frameskip and Jo the Mighty. Quake and tremble, for this movie owns.

I’m not in any state of mind conducive to writing a competent review, so I’ll just say this. See it. Reading the book first is reccomended, as there are some in jokes that are not explained. Towels, man.

You have your orders. Go.

But the other nerds said it was the worst movie ever made in the history of movies (including Gigli)

Not even that is airing here, I hate Sandnes Kino!

A reminder that the BBC Radio 4 Is going play the New serireses next week. And beeb’s listen again funtion will let you listen to it at any time. for a week after it’s first brordcast.


I saw it yesterday and found it extremely disappointing. Besides the fact that I didn’t find it all that funny, it just wasn’t a good movie overall. I was very let down.

Not even worthy of “Meh.”

I thought it was decent. Bear in mind that there’s been the miniseries, a radio play, comics, and more stuff that I’m probobly forgetting, and none of them were exactly the same.

Parents wouldn’t let me out of the house in my bathrobe. Bah. At least I got my towel.

I bought a towel when I got to the mall. Bless dollar stores! :slight_smile:

I was told it had received bad reviews and that is was “nothing” like the books. I went in with absolutely no expectations and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The fact that they had the original radio-show theme there didn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

I stand with Kraken, and wonder if Mengde and ahkeeyuu were watching the same movie.

Granted that it has been years since I read the books, and I know for a fact that some of the plot is not origional, but the screanplay was written by Douglass Adams before he died a few years ago. In fact I read in the papper that it was one of his current projects at the time of his death. I was also cede the point that my definition of good art is what I like. All that aside, I thought it was a good, funny, movie. The entries from The Guide were great, perfectly capturing the ramballing nature that the origional book expressed. We were laughing from start to finish.

Oh and if you havn’t seen it yet, wait to watch the whole credits…

Doh, I didn’t do so. Ah well, I’ll probobly see it again. :slight_smile:

Reasons this movie sucked:

-I really didn’t like the Nokia advertisements. I could have gone without watching Arthur talking on his new Nokia phone, then showing Ford a picture taken on his new Nokia phone, and then the FULL PAN of the Nokia phone floating through space.

-The romance between Trillian and Arthur was unessecary sap, and really didn’t play out well anyways.

-Too much content was crammed into a relatively short span of time. The movie felt very rushed overall, and too much time was spent on lame little gags instead of plot development and explanation.

-Zaphod should have two heads and three arms ALL THE TIME. I think we only saw his third arm twice, and his second head a couple of times. THEN THEY CUT THEM OFF!!!. I also thought that Sam Rockwell overplayed Zaphod’s enthusiasm quite a bit.

-Douglas Adam’s brilliant dialogue was all but annihilated. Many classic exchanges are cut short, or taken out completely. I especially hated the trimming of the bulldozer scene dialogue.

-I can’t see how the plot would make sense to anyone who isn’t familiar with the book. It is simply far too random and fast-paced to follow. I looked around the theatre about halfway through the movie, and saw at least a dozen people who looked completely lost. I read the books, and I still found it a little tricky to keep track of exactly what was going on.

If they make a sequel, I’ll probably cry.

GG Crono: You always have to watch all the credits these days. You never know when they’re going to sneak something extra in! It was funny, there were people pouring out of the theater, then the credit “surprise” came on and all movement stopped. Then it finished and movement resumed. Smart movie makers would place the extra at the very end of the credits so people would stay for them all…

Panama Jack: It seemed to me it was based a bit more heavily on the old radio plays than the movies, which were much more fast paced.

The Nokia advertisements were unfortunate, but no more so than the shameless advertisement of any brand in any movie, in my opinion.

Trillian/Arthur romance could have been done without, agreed, but it seems to be one of those things they feel the need to include these days.

I’m guessing the extra head/arm for Zaphod would have cost too much to animate all the time. It’s the only reason I can think of for what they did. Both it’s position, and the fact they remove it. I did prefer Zaphod’s characterization in the books more, but they set up his character to be a complete idiot in the movies (which makes me think there won’t be a sequel) so at least they were consistant…

You didn’t see all the Douglas Adams dialogue? Yes there was a lot cut, but I was surprised that so much made it in. (Bulldozer scene is one of my favourites too, but it would have taken too much time for no purpose in a movie setting, I think. :too bad: )

You may be right about the movie not making sense to people who haven’t read the books but having read the books, I can’t really comment on it. I didn’t notice any particularly confused looks when I went… And people in my group who hadn’t read the books didn’t mention being confused.

There is slight sequel possibility in the fact they didn’t pick up Zaphod’s head, but overall they tied things up pretty neatly, so I don’t think it’s an aim.

Of course, there were things I liked and didn’t like in the movie but overall I enjoyed myself. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t appear to…