Don't mind me.

I hate this time of year. I hate it I hate it I hate it. Weiila said it might help to actually tell someone about it, so meh.

Today two years ago my girlfriend died directly because of something I didn’t/did do. We came out of a club arguing, I’m not saying why, and I refused to give her the cash for a busride home, since she lived a couple of miles away and it was late.

Next day I found out she had been hit and killed by a driver about a mile from her house, about half an hour after I walked away in the opposite direction. Because I didn’t give her the cash for a fucking ride home. They never found out who did it and I absolutely hated myself for weeks afterwards. You have no idea what it feels like.

So if I insult any of you about now, I’m sorry, it’s just me. I really fucking hate this time of year.

Holy shit man. I’m sorry, that sucks ass.

Pierson, all I can do to help is say that it’s not your fault. Not at all. And since she’s your friend, I’m pretty sure she isn’t angry at you over this… it could have happened to anyone.

The death of a friend is traumatic, indeed. But I can’t even begin to understand that pain.

Blame teh fucker who killed her. How do you know that if you had given her the money someone might have still killed her as she walked to the bus stop? It was not your fault.

Oh dear, I understand that you must feel horrible about that, Pierson, and I’m sorry to hear about it. But as Dalton and Seph already said; <u>it wasn’t your fault</u>, you couldn’t have known, now could you? You weren’t the one driving the car who hit her and then ran away, it’s only that bastard’s fault. I’d give you a hug if it wasn’t for the distance, but for now these little words will have to do.

My hope and prayers are with you, Pierson. I hope that your soul finds peace.

gives Pierson a daisy for happiness

I doubt there is much I can say. We will always blame ourselves when we lose loved ones, I don’t think there is much that can be done about it and frankly, I think that is the way it is supposed to be: It slows that we did indeed love them.

But in any case, best of luck in cheering up.

… Ouch. That scans majorly =((((

Try letting the pain out though - Don’t hold it within you. And remember, life goes on, no matter what.

Thanks guys, that means a lot to me. I used to wonder what-if, but saying it out loud helps somewhat. Again, thanks.

No problems man. =)

Anytime, Pierson :slight_smile:

That’s horrible! I feel really sorry for you, Pierson! Best of luck to you, and try your best to be happy!

Pierson, It wasn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself.

I’m sorry to hear about that. It’s horrible. Nothing I say can change that, but they’re right. It wasn’t your fault.
Don’t blame yourself for that.

Man…Thats just bad. I don’t know how you can go on day to day without freaking out…I know that if something like that happened to me…You have my deepest sympathies man.

I am really sorry Peirson. I can only mimick what other’s have said, “It’s not your fault.” I would concentrate my efforts to helping authorities catch the SoB who hit your friend if I could.