Don't mind me, I just wanted to post a coupla dreams I had

FFX gives me weird-ass dreams. Here’s two that I remember:

The first took place at my boyfriend’s house, which apparently was a star fighter of some sort. I wanted to play old-skool Final Fantasy on the NES, but apparently, Cowboy Bebop was on at 4:30, and my bf was going to want to watch it. So, in all my cleverness, I snuck my way to the TV, hoping to get there before the show started. But I was too late. And for some reason, Auron was a very important character on Bebop. (And just so you leet kids know, I know that’s not right. :P) Some other stuff happened after that, but not only do I not remember clearly, but it doesn’t matter.

The second was more recently, and a bit scarier (to me). I’m not sure where exactly I was, but I was hiding from Seymour, cuz he wanted to kill me. Either I ran out, or he found me, because he was chasing me, and he somehow backed me into a corner. He used some kind of magic attack on me, and I fell, and hurt. I was being killed by Seymour!! Once he was satisfied, he walked off, and left me lying there. I could feel the life draining out of me. And then, either by miracle or someone else’s life spell, I slowly recovered. I was just about to stand again when I awoke.

And yeah. That’s partially why I haven’t finished my FFX game. <.<;;

I know what you mean. I had a dream onece where I was fighting along Cloud killing monsters and shit. Weird no?

So you don’t want to finish it because the dreams weirded you out about the game, or you want to keep getting weird dreams so you’ll leave FFX unfinished?

option A.

Fortunately, I have finished the game before, so at least I’m not missing anything. Except beating it without being leveled to god-stats.

When I played FFX, I didn’t have any weird dreams, but that’s just me.

I kept having mental images of the battle screen at the darndest times …

I once had a dream about some alternate version of FFX-2.
When I say “about”, I mean the whole dream was like watching the “game” get played.

I don’;t remember a lot of details, but i definately rememebr seing Lulu and Auron in there somewhere.

Last night I dreamed that I was a detective in Deep Space 9, the Anime version. Top that.

I can top that. But should I?

FF inspires lots of dreams. I dreamt once I was at my cousin’s house and everyone moved like they did in FF Tactics and they had a limit on how far they could step. It was quite original.

My sister once had a dream in which Aragorn, Arwen, and the von Trapp family was camping out in Moria, and there was this ghost that everyone thought was Gandalf, but it turned out to be, and I quote, “Santa or Hitler or someone.” It’s the kind of thing where you want to add, ‘And when I woke up, my pillow was gone.’

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I can top that. But should I?


I have several game-based dreams, most recurring is the one where I actually fall into the world of FFIV. But most memorable, I think, is the one I dub “The Homo-erotic adventures of Pimpmaster Strife.” -_-

No real video game related dreams that I can recall (although I think I have been half asleep sometimes and had this sense of having to repeat a given movement over and over again to “build up experience” (Like the repeated use of the “accumulate” command to build up Job points in FF tactics), but in terms of sheer weirdness I think I’ve got a contender.

I remember once, several years ago, I had a dream where former NFL head coach Jerry Glanville tried to bust into our house and shoot all of us.
The weird thing is I think he succeeded, but somehow I like time-travelled backwards and then took a new course of action that prevented the shooting. It was pretty screwed up.

I once dreamt I was one of the main characters of DOTT. It was just surreal.

ok, well… I once dreamt I was duckman, from the duckman cartoon, in the duckman cartoon, and it was really misty and stuff… when I was a kid I once had a very elaborate dream, somehow my building was flying over the city, and there were ice monsters guarding the door, and my parents got frozen somehow, and then later me and my friend were in a playground, hiding from a giant monster.
I’d say the most goriest dream I’ve had was when I was simutaneously Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and “we” were having a competetition to see who could kill the most people, and we’d get bonus points for more blood and stuff.

If that doesn’t top X’s dream, well… whatever.

I dreamt I was a butterfly, and now I cant tell which is reality and which is a dream.

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But most memorable, I think, is the one I dub “The Homo-erotic adventures of Pimpmaster Strife.” -_-

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

I swear, I can never read another Cloud/Vincent yaoi thingy ever again without feeling sick.

Yaoi is eeeevil!
As for weird dreams, I can’t recall any right now. (And I’m not sure if I want to…)
But I have my share of weird daydreaming.