Don't like your university email? At least it isn't one of these

walks into a room and locks the door
comes back out

Once, on an episode of The Mn Show, they did a thing on guys with names like that. There was a Mike Hunt and a Dick Hertz, but the worst was a guy named Charles Cock…

…who said he hd a sister named Anita.

I’d bet anything that school was NOT pleasant for her. What kind of parent would name their child something like that?!

One of my professors is named “Karen Cummings” …just the last name is funny.

Also, my last name is Yingling, and my brother, Paul, goes by P (for paul) then ying (for yingling)…making it P-Ying

He likes the fact that his name sounds like “peeing”.

:hahaha; EL EM AY OH!!!