Don't like your university email? At least it isn't one of these

Many colleges and business’s tend to strip the last name down to 6
characters and add the first and last initial to either the beginning or end
to make up an e-mail address…

 For example, Mary L. Ferguson = mlfergus or
 fergusml. They are just now beginning to realize
 the problems that may happen when you have a
 large and diverse pool of people to choose from.

 Add to that a large database of company/college
 Acronyms and you have some very funny addresses.
 Probably not funny to the individual involved, however:

 Top ten actual E-mail Addresses
  1. Hellen Thomas Eatons (Duke University) -

    1. Mary Ellen Dickinson (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) -

    2. Francis Kevin Kissinger (Las Verdes University) -

    3. Amanda Sue Pickering (Purdue University) -

    4. Ida Beatrice Ballinger (Ball State University) -

    5. Bradley Thomas Kissering (Brady Electrical,
      Northern Division, Overton, Canada) -

    6. Isabelle Haydon Adcock (Toys “R” Us) -

    7. Martha Elizibeth Cummins (Fresno University) -

    8. George David Blowmer (Drop Front Drawers & Cabinets Inc.) -

    but at No 1, it had to be…

    1. Barbara Joan Beeranger (Myplace Home Decorating) -

I had some good laughs.

Ah, this was funny. It sort of reminds me of our paging system at work, when a person named “Amanda Ryder” is paged. We all can’t help but laugh.

Heh, thats great. If I were a teacher I would want a cool e-mail my students would never forget like that.

Heh, some good stuff there. Best read I’ve had all day.

Wow! A joke thread that’s actually funny! That doen’t happen too often. ::dekar!::

We have a tradition in my marching band to mess kids names up and make them sound funny.

you would think though that they would ask for them to be changed or like sue to have them changed

i would

Best thing i have read all day,very funny.

Nice. Just nice.

Heh, funny for a change.

Awesome. :hahaha;

Meh, good for a chuckle.

<Lots of bullshit! WEEEEE!>

u got me aroused… ::dekar!::

Man… a quick fix of mine would be such a riot, really… considering that Nulani is Death…

So … what if you have more than one middle initial? Would Vash the Stampede go by kaiserva or kaiservaxsgbstpachibdk?

You know, it would only take me five seconds to get you that email address.

:hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha;

Sorry to ruin your fun, Yar, but they usually only use your first middle name, if any. My email is just: rooneys (last name, first initial).

That was a good one.

Kinda reminds me of the teacher I saw once whose name was “Richard Cox”