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Well, I rented it and I must say so far I’m disappointed in the new Harvest Moon. One season in and it’s pretty much a rehashed version of that god awful PS2 Harvest Moon. The controls are sloppy, the camera needs work, the graphics are hardly what I would expect from a system as powerful as the Gamecube and the gameplay leaves something to be desired. Gone is the vast planting field and large farm. Replaced with a dinky farm with 2 small fields and one mid sized field. The explanation of the game is poorly done and all the NPCs wander around aimlessly seemingly serving even less purpose then they did before. The town…if you could call it that is about 6 buildings randomly strewn about the map. Festivals are gone and thats a huge deal. The crops system has taken a major hit as you purchase one seed instead of a pack of them and it’s a bitch to water them with the loose controls and the annoying random switching to an over head view. I’m not so sure about the raising the animals and the forced marriage thing but so far I am far from impressed. I’m just glad I didn’t rush out and buy it. If I had I’d be kicking myself in the nuts right now.

I thought this topic was about the movie…

as for the HM games, I have the GB one…that one sucked. Never played any others because that.

Don’t base opinions on the GB ones. The GB ones are like a neutered version of the SNES HM. Even worse then the PS2 and GCN games in my honest opinion. They’re so bad I don’t include them as real Harvest Moon games.

Well, the GBA one is good (Friends of Mineral Town).

I hear that AWL is rather subpar though. I’ll at least rent it, and see for myself.

Oi, I hated the whole “one seed at a time” thing in the PS2 game.

Flint, this game is pretty much the PS2 HM engine, in a game that tries to be different from the PS2 game but fails. It has potential, but it doesn’t build on it. You can’t ship crops you have to sell them to either the townsfolk or the pedler who sets up shop 3 times a month and you don’t make a very big profit on them, if you even make a profit at all. Crops are so not worth it, it took me almost a season to grow a crop of tomatoes…and I made like 300 off of them. You make more then that with one day of milking one cow. Marriage is a simple task, get the girl up to 4 hearts, which takes like 10 days, and you can marry her. I’m in the first summer and I married one of the girls, the worst part about that is that the seasons are only 10 freakin’ days long. There’s no mountain to explore, no festivals and the only thing you can ship is milk.

I was looking forward to that game. Oh well: I guess I’ll have to do with ‘Friends of Mineral Town’.

I would rent it, but I’m yet to see a rental place serving anything but bad PS2 games. Norway sucks.

So… which Harvest Moon games are good ones, then? I’ve never really played any of them, and I wanted to try one. I was hoping that at least one would be good for me to play on my GBA.

The SNES, N64, PSX and GBA games are pretty good. Avoid the PS2, GB and apparently also the GC games like the plague.

The Playstation one is my favorite. I never knew you could get all the girls up to an Orange heart before!

I thought it was hilarious how your wife would go back home if you got another woman’s heart color up in the N64 version.

I hate to derail further from the GC version bashing, but could I get some more input on the GBA one, like why you like it, or even which one it is? =) Pretty please?