dont know where to put this


im making my lj friends only

i feel like with my parents constantly watching i cant do anything

have you seen my lj recently? its total garbage with all that filler junk

if you plan on reading my lj in the future give me your name and ill add you to friends

or else you wont see it ever

free post woooo!!! :biggrin: party

I’ll not close this thread if you promise to stop making more


…I love you both.

Someone take a screenshot.

Okay, get back to the topic. I need a list of people from the Agora that use LJ. I’ll allow them all to view my LJ.

does anyone hear the crickets?

Also the occasional wolf howl, and tumbleweed drifting by.

Seriously now, I’m sure a lot of folks like to read about your relations, if only for some fun.

OMG UR LJ R T3H 1337 SUPPOSITORY!!!111111111111111111111111SHIFT+1

Guys shut up!
He’s just trying to get a straight answer!
I don’t use it, but probably will sign up sometime… it looks like it could be handy, for a rant.

Proper answers please!?



…Oh the agony of knowing the closing was passed up…

Am I wrong for actually liking something Setz said on that AIM post? shudder

Someone… Anyone… Shoot me now.

Only if we can cuddle beforehand. :slight_smile:

Everyone listen to Ninten, for he has said something wise.

Now stop trying to throw this thread into the gutter and trolling.

Gila, BMO, RC, I’m looking at you.

<small>(no, seriously…I had cameras installed in your houses. Sleep well, heh heh heh)<small>


I’m, well, hurt that you think I would intentionally try to derail this oh so wonderful thread that Setz has created. ;_;

EDIT: Jenna, that hurts even more that what RPT said. :frowning:



Holy fuck you bastard. Don’t do that. - The 984

Cless, now doesn’t THIS qualify as more?