Don't forget your Shoe Phone, Agent 86.

Don Adams, dead at 82

The man who played Agent 86 in Get Smart, and Inspector Gadget in the original cartoon series, has passed away of Lung Cancer.

I grew up watching Get Smart, though I haven’t seen it in years. This is sad news.

Rest in piece, Max Smart.

That is indeed sad news. I loved Get Smart and Inspector Gadget. Lung cancer, huh? I wonder if he was a smoker.

The cone of silence was pretty cool too.

I remember the epeisode when it “didn’t” work. They used index cards in a box. The funny thing is that they did inside the cone of silence. Oh, the memories… :kissy:

Lung infection, not cancer.

Man, I grew up watching Get Smart, this is really sad news. Rest in peace Agent Smart.


A part of my childhood has just died.

:moogle: He will be missed.

Ahh, another television icon passes away. May he rest in peace.

awwww, man. :frowning:

There have been other utterly silly spy characters, but Adams played his character so straight, it was all the funnier. You try talking to a shoe in front of a camera without cracking up. :slight_smile:

Rest in Peace, Mr. Adams.


Fuck, man, that’s a shame.

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Adams.

First Bob Denver an now Don Adams… whos next Eddie Haskell??? :bowser:

The man was a true acting champion. He will be missed.

He also had a true hate for canned laughter, he is quoted as saying “I can get the real stuff far easier than they can make the canned laughter”