Don't Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

The old adage is still intact. It even works with rifles and tanks.


That person obviously never played Advance Wars. ANYONE who’s played that would tell you not to do that unless you’re sending your infantry in with area bonus + a tank with only 1 HP left.

He must of been low on HP. :hahaha;

Maybe he was suicidal?

Alot of times they just bring tanks out to scare the people, they rarely ever shoot them off. Maybe he thought they were bluffing.

I keep getting an unexplaind error. T.T;

Unless it was a Neotank. Then your infantry’s just screwed (unless they have a CO bonus)


Yes, he very much did.

Don’t necro, people find it annoying. Not bitching you out or anything, just letting you know. =)