Donnie Darko

I know this thread has been made before, but I just had to… I just recently saw the movie (this morning around 2am), and I really fucking loved it.
I just love having to think so much about it:D

That movie has waaaaay too many fanboys.

Just like sin?

That movie is waaaaaaaay too good.

By the way, did you watch the VHS or the DVD? I have heard that the DVD has important stuffs that aren’t on the VHS.

I dunno like Sin. But did you ever go to the DD message boards? Where people were saying how Cherita and Donnie were the exact opposites like yin and yang? that kind of discussion is bullshit. Anyways, this movie is talked about to death. It’s cool, but like, I don’t want to be labelled a DD freak, who think that DD is only good cuz OMG ITS DIFFURRENT AND FRYS MY BRAINS.

The DVD doesn’t have that much important stuff. Just things glossing onto the storyline. The only big thing I can think of is that Frank mentions that he’s a messanger from God, or at least hints at it. I would deem that as important because there’s the whole search for God theme going throughout the movie.

Ditto to that.

I agree, people like to overanalyze it.

Just like Evangelion. They’re not satisfied with giant demons tearing each other apart and eating each other’s liver. They like to pretend that they’ve somehow been able to decipher the layers upon layers plot into the ultimate meaning of life. It’s so stupid >>;

when I saw it I liked the movie, and I can appreciate why one could love it so much (it has a real Catcher In The Rye-esque appeal), but I didn’t quite understand why some are so floored by it. I don’t know.

I thought it had an interesting take on time travel. I have to rewatch it again, though.

i actually thought donnie darko was a cool movie(i wouldn’t say it’s my fave…look at my fave movie to see what it is) and i think that it’s only justice that patrick swayze plays a child molesting star search type person in that movie

The movie is not that good.

See, part of what makes good movie watching is how the screenwriter conveys the message - which is so poorly done in Donnie Darko I can’t even begin to describe it. Any movie that requires you to go to a website to learn what it’s about is horrible. If you can’t figure out what a movie’s about by watching it then the movie obviously lacked something.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the movie - but come on, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense when you watch it. How can a movie that makes no sense be any good?

And if you did manage to pull some meaning out of the movie (correct meaning that is, not just shots in the dark), then I guarantee you that you didn’t even grasp at anywhere near what the movie is all about. Hell, I’ve seen it 10+ times and I still don’t fully “get” everything. How Donnie is a superhero still eludes me. Maybe a superhuman or something, but not a super hero.

Anyway, it isn’t a very good movie. Definitly interesting, but not good.

Ah you summed it up well. I thought it was intruiging to go around and hunt for clues, but a lot of people don’t and that’s when I really start to get bothered. Yes I know, I’m silly for being turned off from things that have a mass following, but when most of that mass following loves the movie because it is pure mindfuck is ridiculous. I feel I have a good understanding of the movie but I don’t know the ins and outs of it, nor do I really want to. See, I’m going to complain again about the Donnie Darko boards- the superhero thing? Normal theory going on over there. The only fact or mentioning of hero is when Donnie meets Gretchen for the first time. These people like theories and go looking for facts instead of the other way around.

Anyways, I think the big part of the “hero” thing is because the character of Donnie is a teen idol or something. He wants to get laid, he’s doing poor in school, he’s rebellious, he tries to talk to girls, he has annoying sisters, he gets beat up in school-etc.

look at my fave movie to see what it is
Why would you SAY this, when all you had to say was “Pulp Fiction is”? It causes you and everyone else as well to exert more effort than they should!

Stop whining.

Yeah I like the movie, but it’s so overanalysed. This is SO OBVIOUSLY about a guy trying to score drugs. Remember that scene where it all started getting trippy and the orbs were moving with people? Yeah, that was so totally him getting high.

Yeah i didn’t get it either and I’m not sure if i should try figuring out some things or is it to be taken for what it was or what it showed? I didn’t think he was a hero either just another rebellious kid, he didn’t save anyone. Maybe he saved Gretchen, but i think she could have handled herself.

My questions were why did he die or if he finally figured it out why did he choose to go back home and die? Why didn’t he go back to October 2nd and start over after finding out what happens when following the path? Wouldn’t his little sister still die from the plane crash? If she would die, why would she have to die and could the family handle her dying too? Was there any reason for him doing that deviant stuff like flooding the school and setting the guy’s house on fire besides that he just wanted to do it? Did he really like that book? Those acts he did were from the book. Sure, setting the guy’s house on fire was good because it got the guy arrested cause he liked little kids. Would he ever be exposed if Donnie didn’t burn his house down? Cellar door being the most beautiful word? What the hell? Yes I know it was to lead him to go through that. Although i guess as he said he had to do what Frank said as Frank saved him. Where would Gretchen go when her mom left, would she go to the Darko’s house anyway? Yeah i think I’m analyzing it too much.

Was this movie supposed to be funny? Cause that chut up, go back to china bitch line wasn’t funny. That could have been said by any high school kid a hundred times before, so yeah that was not even amusing.

Fanboys and girls should be glad to know that hot topic now carries donnie darko shirts, postcards, and stickers! I wouldn’t doubt it if some costume store would carry those rabbit masks around halloween time too.

The music was nice though, always have liked that Tears for Fear song and that Church song, some of the score was nice too.

Um, donnie didnt die in the first place because he was affraid to die. When he realized that the world would go on just fine without his influence and even be better off, he realized that it was ok to let go. Thats why he went back, because he was ready to accept his fate. Or atleast thats how I saw it.

I’m good at that, though

I know he didn’t die in the first place, i guess i meant why did he choose to die. He didn’t die in the first place cause Frank told him to get up, not because he was afraid to die. I figured that the world was better without him, but he possibly could have gone back and not have done the things he did or done them differently.