Donkey Kong: The Movie

The Epic Battle rages on still.


Oh for a second there I thought this was going to be about the real Donkey Kong Movie.

[](the legend of the crystal coconut.)

I could totally see hollywood making a live-action King Kong-style movie about Donkey Kong. It’d be awful, but probably slightly less awful than the Super Mario Bros. movie… unless they tried really hard, or let Uwe Boll do it.

Dude, I loved the Mario Bro’s Movie. O_o

Same here. But then, I liekd Street Fighter, so I’m not the best judge of what’s good or not.

SF good? As comedy, it’s pretty good. Now asian “every damn passerby is a dojo graduate” movies knock SF out cold.

I have a feeling Street Fighter 2 would be the best movie ever. And spawn revised movies, lol.

Mortal Kombat still holds my vote as the best VG movie, Silent Hill was awesome too…

I enjoyed Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Advent Children wasn’t bad, either, but then, it was animated.

The last time I saw the Mario movie, I commented, "Man, that’s the most references to Super Mario Bros I’ve ever seen in one movie!


I’d say the Super Mario movie was OK, but I actually enjoyed mortal combat quite a bit.

everytime a new video game movie is coming out the conversation tends to run around the same thing. It all leads to super mario bros.

And your point is???

And whenever I see clowns I think of "<A HREF="">It</A>." I assume it’s a natural reaction.

no point, just observations. I never really have a point. Probably why every essay I write tends to be of F quality.
clowns remind me more of Killer Klowns from Outerspace. Never read or saw It.

I wonder what the worst video game movie is. Besides anything made by Uwe Boll.

I’d say Double Dragon.