Domain Knights - Who still plays?

Recently got back into this game (after some account troubles regarding my name causing errors), and a bit has changed. Starting hardware revamped, and higher-end hardware now available. But, save for SS, I fail to see anyone from here still playing. Wondering, you guys still in?

For those unaware, check this out

Oh, click ads now, they get money for a better server if you do. But, do it in moderation :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t played since the accidental reset a while back. I got real involved in another browser game (more for the people than the game, thus I do not feel the need to link to it) and haven’t had the time since.

Well, isn’t that mildly insulting.

Jesus christ, NO ONE better play that game still. I’ve had it up to HERE with hearing about crawlers, creepers, nodes, modes, hacking, whacking, and all that lame ass SHIT. Domain Knights? Mo’ like DoGAIn Knights fool damn. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Please note that I’m not really a homophobic, for all you sensitive people out there. It’s all in good fun.)

if that’s about my lack of a link, I don’t think the game’s accepting signups anyway. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone without some major improvements that are less and less likely to occur by the day and am only running on addiction and competition among the members of my clan.