Whoops, pressed the wrong button.

Way to make an entrance there, Falcon.

Now, now, be nice to the n00b.

We shouldn’t go and point fingers, now.

…we really shouldn’t.

…but I can’t resist.

Oh god my eyes its the homophobic marriage fondling monkey fool and uh someone else.

I happen to know this one, he was banned from Antioch.

Why, precisely?

It was largely believed he was posting under a second name, and was trying to specifically troll/piss off various people.

lol, Macc :stuck_out_tongue:

Which isn’t what happened. I don’t go around looking to get people pissed off at me.

What kind of sicko would wanna go from one message board to another looking for a fight?? hmm… FalconWarrior maybe?? j/k j/k… :enguard: