Dog meat

Look, my threads arent usually closed. cuz they bring everyone together, and makes everyone happy. I’m awsome like that. so quit your bitching and let everyone enjoy their lives.

You’re a sick sick puppy Charlemagne!



I would eat a dog. Better than dog food.

Would you feed a dog horse meat?

I’m so gonna frigging kill you all once I smash you all in the head with a baseball bat.

oh yeah? you and what baseball bat? huh?


Dogs are gross… I don’t eat them much less pat them.

Eugh… I could never eat dog meat. Which is actually rather interesting, because what’s the difference, really? Still, I wouldn’t even eat goat. Someone tricked me into eating kangaroo once, that’s quite enough.

In a norse myth, thor had magic goats who pulled his sled, and he could kill them and eat them and put the bones back in their skin and overnight they would come back to life! But then this one guy broke a bone while eating a goat to get the marrow, so that magic goat forever had a lame leg.

I want a magic goat.

Saying I play favorites is fucking laughable and to think I’d hold a grudge over an idiotic movie shows how you really don’t know me. Get your self-centered head out of your ass. As others have said so eloquently before me, I’m sure you can see daylight. If you REALLY wanna talk about conspiracies, then I probably hated you since I changed your nick to Ungrateful Blue Mage :P. Why stop just at just the movie thread?

Fuck off with your conspiracy theories. You’re not martyrs and we don’t sadistically try to make your lives turn to rot on a regular basis.

First was Ren’s. Then was Charle’s. Then was a 3rd thread, thus the band waggon started and I told people to knock it off. Then was Shinobi’s and I gave a final warning and now Gila got a temp ban for rules 12 and 13.

Oh. I thought BlueMage’s was the second thread. Aha- that would make more sense.

You woulda thought people would’ve been happy for once we didn’t have a band waggon that drove everyone nuts and into making threads like “oh such and such is so retarded and overused” and “what’s happening with the boards” and “why does this always happen” and other bull shit drama.

And as a note, I’ve closed more of Charle’s threads than anyone’s in the past few months.

I didn’t say it was favoritism on YOUR part, I meant it more as an overall favoritism. I think you’d be the least likely to have that, but I’ve known several members of the staff and even admins to call his threads genius and such- even when the humour is lacking (like this one).

It didn’t stop Charle from getting banned last fall. Though I can’t speak for the opinions and behaviors of my contemporaries.

Wasn’t that a boar?

No. It’s goats.

No sex for a month, si-eeerrr, no sex for a week, sin! >:0

Charle… You cheating on me with Sin? ;p

It was goats, I like duck meat, its kinda greasy though.