Dog meat

I think I could eat a dog… but not a collie… I dont like the taste of collie.

<If dogs are eaten, more dogs are killed. And I don’t like dogs.>

Lab dogs are far to stringy, and you have to cook the dog right.

I think dogs don’t have enough meat on them.

“Get this crate on track, pencil neck!” (random vg quote and HUGE props to anyone who can name it and the relevance to this thread)

If you have to eat dog, eat Greyhound- very little meat but what is there is very tasty. :slight_smile:

Notice that Charle’s thread DIDNT get closed.

Give it a few seconds.

Shit it took mine like, 5 seconds to get closed… :too bad;

Yeah, this one isnt getting closed, unless someone does something stupid. So itll be closed pretty quick.

Any Charlemagne related product is a guaranteed success

This thread is stupid. If the other thread was closed this one should be closed, too.

Basically my point. Favoritism!

Yeah, sin has hated me ever since we got in that argument about the stances in “Kill Bill”.

with all due lack of respect, the horse meat thread should be closed just as much as this one.

So serious threads should be closed?

Yo where the man meat thread at?

I didnt read it, I just figured it was pro horse eating

Awww, poor you.

And its not favoritism, im sure this one is going to be closed as well. Just because it wasnt closed in a fraction of a second to suit your needs is no reason to bitch about how it is favoritism and everyone hates you.

This thread starts with “I think I could eat a dog”, so I think there is a serious side to it. I don’t like it when some people eat cows and pigs but get offended at seeing other people eating dogs.


Man, harsh, i just said sin hated me, but nothing really about favoratism…

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