does your pc have a name?

they say only freaky computer-adicts would give their pc a name…
what about you?

My pc is called niida :moogle:

“Fuckin’/Damn Computer”…at least that’s what I call it when it pisses me off for ebing slow like it is right now. Otherwise it has no name.

Mine is MotherBrain, my husband’s is Daughter, our kitchen computer is Seed, and the bedroom computer is Vaio, the first three should be kinda obvious but the last one is because the computer sucks and we only use it to watch anime before we go to sleep.

Yes it does. Piece of shit.

looks up name in System

NA-18726345034, apparently.


Now it’s called Bob

Ass Master 2000

I usually call “oh fuck you computer”

POS for short, usually I say little piece of shit.

“Ya stupid hunk of junk”


“Billy-Joe-Bob” (but that is only on good days)

When I first turned on this computer, it was like “Please name me =D” as though I had not only bought a new computer, but given birth to some machanical child complete with a many USB ports for late in it’s evolution. However, at the time I was so excited, I picked my favoret female name- how did I know it was female? well, since it wasn’t proding me with it’s disket drive at the time, it was female- and so it was named… Elenore. >.>;

I usually just call her Elly though :stuck_out_tongue:
Though, when it gets naught I whisper sweet things in it’s ear… like threatening to dismantling it and slewing the pieces of it to the farthest streachs of the universe if it doesn’t work… but most of the time it does ^^


No it doesn’t.

Is anyone’s called Sharlene?

i feel sympathy for your pcs… :too bad:

I named my laptop Compy984. :3

Mine’s name is whatever obscenity happens to come to mind at the moment.

Laptop of my mom: Morpheus
Desktop of my sister: Icarus
My laptop: Daedalus
My desktop, which is also the server for the current network: Helios

Though I need to hasstle the names a bit, my sister’s PC would make a much better Morpheus than the recently aquired laptop of my mom’s.

I have had a lot of PC’s. The first one I had was a XT, and that was its name. Then, in 94 or 95, I got a Pentium, 75 Mhz (hey it was the god damm fastest machine at that time!). I called it Comb. That’s because ‘Pentium’ looks like ‘pente’, portuguese for comb. Then, a few years later, I think 98, I got a AMD 333 Mhz. I called it ‘new one’. Couldn’t think of anything better… Finally, last year I got the current one, a Athlon 1.6 Ghz. Its name is Bullet.


Why has no-one named their PCs after the Magi yet? >:\

I did that before, but there are only 3 of them, and we now have 4 PCs. So yeah.