Does this count as a hole in one when you used a missile instead of a ball?

Can you say ‘whoops’?

The 213 Things Sgt. Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The Canadian Air Force. #23: I may not attach air-to-air missiles with duct tape.


On another note, does anyone here still have a link to that list?

I wonder what went through the minds of any golfers who saw it falling.

That’s one way to get out of a tournament. Hmm…

You’d need more than a niblick to get out of THAT one…

Just google for it, it took me like 10 seconds to find the other day.

CF-18s must be lousy airplanes. *Nod, nod.
Wait, Canada has an airforce?

Canada’s airforce consists mostly of paper airplanes made from heavy duty construction paper. Sometimes we put little eraser pilots in them for navigational purposes.

sure they do.

dont you remember

the canadian airforce bombed the baldwin brothers in retaliation to the arrest of terrance and fillip.

[QOUTE=prime minister of canada] well give you somthing to cry aboot![/QOUTE]


-Oh hell we’re being attacked by terrorists!
-Relax, men, it was just a canadian fighter passing by.

Let’s not forget the World War II saying, “When the RAF flies the Germans duck. When the Luftwaffe flies, the Allies duck. When the Americans fly everyone ducks”

I’ll just drop a link. :smiley:

Mr Saturn teaches Cold War survival tactics. Disaster Labs, truly you are gods among men.

proabably an american saying then, cuz i’m not familiar with it… and it’s proabably affiliated with the fact that the american flyers were worth shit

I could make a comment about Canada’s planes comes from Hanger 3a, **, **, England. But I could be jailed for it.

Big Nutter
Hanger 3b are where programmers work.