Does the US have "Who wants to be a Millionare?"

Does this look real? I mean, umm, I don’t want to believe people can be that thick headed.

Regardless of the authenticity of that pic, believe it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first few questions on Who Wants to be a Millionaire are always this easy. The object is to give sickeningly easy questions to build momentum, until they make it to 1000 dollars, when the questions begin to require actual knowledge.

That said, I’ve seen people get the first question wrong, so, yeah, I believe it.

Oh my God.

I’ve seen stuff as bad as this on celebrity-version question shows. I have the urge to purge these lower life-forms for the good of our race.

That picture does look doctored, though. See how crisp the text looks in relation to the rest of the picture?

Yeah the text definately looks different, but maybe that’s because it’s a down under version…?

Some of those first questions are just downright ridiculous. I remember the “what colour is an oreo?” question a few years back.

Actually, the <a href=“”>current US run</A> (the syndicated version) has bumped up the difficulty on the $100-$1000 questions, to weed out people faster. The assumed reason for this is that, because it’s syndicated and not on network, its budget is smaller. I kinda wish that they’d do what they did on (I believe) the Australian run, and just eliminate the $100-$1000 questions, and just leave the top 10 questions at a slightly more reasonable difficulty.

The picture is obviously doctored, but there are people who are complete idiots on the show.

That’s pretty funny. I know a guy got a Sesame Street question wrong once, but he lived in a foreign country growing up and never saw the show.

Yeah, we had Who Wants to be a Millionaire like 6 years ago. I honestly wanted to kill Regis Philbin - christ.

It’s still incredibly popular in Germany, I remember this fad a few months ago when there were like over 7 quiz shows running; but who wants to be a millionaire is the only one that survived and is still as popular as ever before.
And yeah, there ARE people who get the first question wrong. I’ve seen it myself a couple of times and couldn’t believe their stupidity. And they were on the level of the pic you just posted.

Cough!! Cough!!

A Gogol!!

Final Anwser? Remember it’s for a Millon Squid. You can walk if you want to!

Did You know that Some one Had someone Coughing they’re way to £1 000 000. And Lost it in Court for cheating. That was the Final Answer!

BN Crew
2k: Tecwen Whittock,
Nutter: Major Ingram
Cid7: Chris “We don’t want to give you that” Tarrent

The guy caught cheating on the British version of Millionaire was on the news for a little while. Basically (for anyone who didn’t understand your half-english description), some guy had a friend in the audience who was getting answers through text messaging, then coughing to signify which answer was correct. Celador took them to court, and didn’t have to give him any money at all.

The US version isn’t hosted by Regis Philbin anymore, it’s hosted by Meredith Viera.

Once the first guy won the million, the show lost any interest. The only other time that I really wanted to watch it was when one of my vice principals was on (I don’t know if you guy’s remember “Jery Bear” the guy that used Rosie O’Donnel as his phone a friend). However, that was fun to watch since it was someone I knew. Once the show lost Regis (who I hate and he just pisses me off), it just went down the shitter of hell.

I think I’ve only seen that show once, and it was one of the celebrity edition ones. They missed a lot of the early questions, so even if that pic is doctored it’s believable.

I used to watch that shw quite a lot when it was first on. But like Info said, once the first guy won a million, there was no real interest anymore.

The only reason I did was to test my own knowledge. However there was just too much time wasting, so I gave up on watching ages ago.

Its photoshopped. I have a better monitor than you fools, so I can see the crude markings over the real answer and question

wait what? what’s wrong with the picture? i don’t get it… she’s right

The moon is bigger than an elephant, Prost.

And the picture is doctored.

Here is the worst thing I have ever seen on that show- A starter question

What tree does a walnut come from?
A: Chestnut Tree B: Acorn Tree
C: Oak Tree D: Walnut Tree

They chose oak after debating that they did not have Poplar Tree as a selection for an answer.