Does the air conditioning feel good?

Well DOES it?

I like to stand in front of my fan and like to lift up my arms and feel the cool wind hit my sweaty pits

I demand ice.

i can’t feel my penis

The air conditioning is on full blast all day and all night in my home. It’s gotten to the point where I have to sleep with two blankets because it’s so cold in my room. So no, the air conditioning does not feel good.

Steve, I can feel your penis.


Don’t touch me.

… Hah. You too Cala?

Love the ac in my room, the sound of it going helps me sleep too.

Pooool… if not, fan… if not, there are many other bodies of water in BC, it’s not like it is hard to find a river or stream and dip your feet in. :stuck_out_tongue: (or go to the forest because fuck, bring a jacket when you don’t even want to wear a shirt in your house)


I just do nothing. I stay cool even though I’m wrapped in a big heavy quilt.

I live in the South. The humid, humid, hot South. We NEED air conditioning. The rest of y’all are just pussies.

And just so you know, historians have actually pointed out that one of the major exoduses to the South was partly because of the invention of air conditioning. :slight_smile:

I have a pool… and air… and I can’t sleep without a fan on me.

I am not sure now if I am going to hate A/C for creating the south… or love it for drawing the majority of rejects from society into a single, sinkable area. =o


It rains enough here that the tempature stays cool…humidity on the other hand…oh god.

My dad leaves the A/C on during the winter.


But in the summer it’s nice.

It would had I had one.

Oh be quiet, I’d like to see you spend a summer day in my country with our average 40 C. I don’t have AC because I am [STRIKE]poor[/STRIKE] not a pussy like you all!

I’ll grant South America has it worse, but the Deep South has it the worse generally of North America. But it’s not summer in South America now, so shut up. >:(

And you shouldn’t have struck it out. We all know South America is poor.

Oh yes, it’s so comfy right now with our freezing TWENTY DEGREES CELSIUS TEMPERATURE. And the humidity, OH GOD the humidity. Can’t get even get a decently cold winter climate around here >:(