Does screen time reflect a final boss' penis size?

Thread influenced by the “Best Three Games Ever” thread. A few people there apparently enjoy using the argument that a final opponent’s greatness is directly proportionate to screen time. I disagree.

Wouldn’t it be more directly related to the use of said screen time? Like, if a dude is only seen for 30 seconds, but if it’s the COOLEST FUCKING 30 SECONDS OF ALL TIME, then yeah I’d say he’s pretty great. I’m not sure whether that means I agree or disagree though, depends on how I feel like interpreting the question.

I know this is about Ultimecia so I’ll address it directly: Yes and no. It’s not so much the screen-time as it is the meaningful screen-time.

If a boss has absolutely no development and is thrown in there as a last-minute gimmick to seem impressive (I.E. Necron) then that sucks. Ultimecia is above him I’ll give you that because you do hear from her, know what she is planning and more or less know that she is the real enemy. However she’s not THAT better, because besides for her purpose and a slight mention of her motives (Vengeance for what humanity did to the sorceresses and the good ole “wanna rule the world” on steroids) you don’t get anything else. She’s a one-dimensional character if I ever saw one.

Let me say this: Yes I know that VIII has a lot of plot everywhere: The characters interacting with each other are great and I’ll even count those five paragraphs in the information screen about Hyne and the Sorceresses as plot just to humor you, but every game needs a main plot, something that sets everything else moving and that is: Ultimecia trying to rule all the universe using a time-space Deus Ex Machina that doesn’t even make fucking sense (And damnit, I’m patient when it comes to contrived time travel gimmicks).

Now, really, can you tell me that Ultimecia is a good villain? Don’t get me wrong, I like FFVIII A LOT, everything else is enough for me to overlook Ultimecia being crappy, but that doesn’t change the fact that she‘s crappy.

Back to the alleged topic, there are ways to have too much screen time. While I like Kuja, I admit that there are moments in which I wish he would shut the fuck up and get on with whatever he’s doing.

“Final bosses” are a device, IMO. Their primary use is to provide a final challenge that tests the culmination of the player’s skills of a certain game, and most bosses fail at that. That’s why I disagree that a good boss requires screen time. Sure, Seph and Kef were “evil” and “developed,” but did they really succeed as the primary antagonists by being killable in one round? I don’t think so.

Edit: This actually wasn’t specifically about Ultimecia, nor was it a challenge to anyone. I’m just curious as to why screen time is supposed to be such a big deal.

Ultimecia barely had any, and I agree that she failed if you guage her on how involved she was with the main plot. However, like you said, she filled the role of final boss better than Kefka or Sephiroth did just by being moderately hard.

Especially if you look at how Sephiroth was hyped up for dozens of hours as being “stronger in reality than in any story,” it would’ve been a lot better to beef him up a little bit.

And as long as an enemy fits the requirement for being a character (Which is participating on the plot) I expect them to be good. Ultimecia is what sets everything in motion, so she’s a pretty important plot element.

If I want challenge, I go for Omega Weapon. Ultimecia wasn’t even hard either.

That’s the problem with a lot of games nowadays… The great challenge is no longer beating the final boss and actually finishing the game, it’s some super-souped-up optional boss or sidequest. At least, I think it’s a problem. :\

Sephiroth is another story. They talked about how great he was too fricking much and hardly showed anything about him. The only things I liked about him were the five seconds where he walked trough the fire in Nibelheim and One Winged Angel.

Omega wasn’t very hard either. The weapons in general are pretty much just massive damage sponges to test how good you are at making 5 digit damage pop out of them

They need to make RPGs more dynamic. They need to make them revolve around effects spells and strategies instead of just basic addition, subtraction, and automated battle commands. Basically what I’m saying is that on top of endurance and power, they need to add an element of timing and thought in order to make them truly dynamic.

There are a whole lot of RPGs out there, sounds like you should play more PC RPGs.

Yeah, what I’m saying is this: FF, try to be more like SO3. Please.

How’s Ultimecia better than Omega in that aspect? You really thought the SFX between her transformations were that good?

Also, another thing: Ultimecia is just as hard as Kefka was: If you played it normally, the fight was reasonably hard, if you played it to 100% the fight was a piece of cake. Kefka was just easier because there were more ways to overpower yourself in VI.

And make them INTERESTING? BLASPHEMY! :open_mouth:

Which is why they should reasonably cap power. If a boss is easy when you max out, then IMO it can be said that the boss is easy in general. You should be made to max out, on the condition that the max is lower so as not to waste dozens of hours just to kill the final boss. And there should, like I said, be an element of timing involved.

I agree with you in that.

Now say that Ultimecia isn’t better than Kefka. C’mon, I wanna hear it.

I disagree. Hardly anyone has the time or patience to max out, and what’s the point anyway? To be uber cool? If you don’t find challenge within a particular game, maybe you’ve surpassed that game and should move on to something else. Don’t bitch about Sephiroth being easy, just remind you’re that you’re <i>just that good</i>. Honestly; some people find him challenging, others like yourself do not. I know that if I want Seph to be easy, I’ll go around and do stuff for several hours so he is easy, but I’m not wasting time every single playthrough, every single game.

edit: And I forgot to add that even if maxing out doesn’t require a huge chunk of your life (which is rare), the point is just to own the game, and I am finding myself agreeing with Cid (when he mentioned it in some thread weeks ago) when he says that the initial challenge is with the under levelling. Something to that effect. Of course bosses wont be difficult if you level up a lot; they’re suppose to be tough if you’re just coasting through the game.

I can’t. Even maxed, Ultimecia has a small window to kill you with her ultimate magic attack, and then there’s also Griever’s Shockwave Pulsar.

Kefka on the other hand is literally powerless when faced with almost anyone with even halfway decent gear. Mog with the Snow Muffler and a Regen Ring can literally stand there taking hits for 10 years and not die to Kefka, even with Fallen One x.X;;

The target audience and dialogue of the FF games is suited to people my age. I don’t think there should be any moving on. I think people like me at least deserve a hard mode with capped stats or insanely difficult monsters. I understand computer science well enough to know just how easy it would be to make that happen. I’m really not asking for much.

Mmm… it’s been a while since I played VI for the last time, so I’ll take your word for that. Still, everything else I said still stands.

And you do have a point: Hard modes are fun.

I probably agreed with everything else you said :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’d be better if they just had the last bosses stats relative to your own. You go up, they go up.
But yeah, Seph is actually hard if you just go straight to him, without KotR. Even with the BigGuard materia, he takes a while. But KotR, it’s just like, dead. So that was a bit of a disapointment…