does ne1 know nething bout the new chrono sequel coming out?

yea might as well get this over with…
hi im new here

ok i wanted to know if any1 knows anything about the new chrono sequel thats coming out

heres what i know already
their thinking of calling it chrono burst of break or somthing like that
well thats all i know about it so im kinda lost
anything you got will help

this is in the wrong forum. moves

Sorry to burst your bubble, kiddo, but there hasn’t been any official announcements regarding Chrono Break by Square-Enix, so for the time being, just don’t expect this game to be announced anytime soon -_-;

<img src=“”> Ow, my eyes. English, please. And no, as far as I know, no further news has been released on Chrono Break.

Try again.

this thread doesn’t merit closing.

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You people should just move it to, seeing as how it’s in pretty much every staff folder

<img src=“”> Only mine and Sin’s.

You guys are much worse than a person not using proper grammar if you sit there and tease him about it. At the very least, he only made one grammatical error consistent to his writing, and everyone does that sometimes. I just made a run-on sentence. Food for thought, kids.

Square (Or rather, Square Enix now) has copyrighted the name Chrono Break, however no information about the game has ever surfaced. It’s not certain whether or not it’s being worked on or not, or even, IF it will be worked on or not. But it probably will, just gotta hold your horses. :stuck_out_tongue:

there’s gonna be another chrono game? i didn’t know that…

He wants to be thought of as decently intelligent, he should learn to write as though he graduated from the third grade. Is thatso much to ask?

If he doesn’t want us to make fun of him he should type either properly or with some consistancy. Ne1 and any1 thats not exactly consistant. Properly would be good but if he’s gonna keep typing like that then he could at least pick one and stick with it.

Or you guys could be polite about it instead of jerkoffs.

Welcome to the boards, man. Ignore Ori and X, they’re assholes about grammar.
Edit: Ori’s an asshole about a lot of stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not an asshole about grammar. And you’re one to talk.

I am! And he is one to talk.

Everything regarding Chrono Break are spectulations and rumors at this point. Hell, the name itself probably stemed from a random rumor.

well thanks anyway some of you could have been a little nicer but i guess it was my own fault for typing like a retard and made a fool of myself heh heh heh…

Don’t worry shadowwarrior, you can type however you want, you’re not hurting anybody.

Sorry, but since everything known about Chrono Break has been said, I’m closing this thread cos it’s gettin out of hand. A warning to all who were off topic and flaming in this thread, you know who you are.