Does anyone know

When Conan starts hosting the Tonight Show?

June 1. I’m sure there will be an In the Year 2000 thrown in.

June 1st? Damn, that’s a long ways off…now I’ve got no new Conan to watch for a while. In the Year 2000 is full of awesome. Also, Masturbating Bear. Enough said.

On a similar note, whose idea was it to give Jimmy Fallon the reins to Late Night show?

The Masturbating Bear is no more.

Craig Ferguson is where it’s at, I’m telling you.

On this one, I’m with Arac.

I’m with this one, on Arac.

I’ve seen him… he’s not bad, but Conan’s out of his league… by like, a hell of a lot. Sorry dudes x_x

Ramza: Take me now!

Moments like the poorly executed green-screen tours and a few year 2000s are all that I remember fondly of Conan, the best choice before Ferguson replaced that other Craig. Then again, I think our tastes diverge in a lot of matters and this is most likely one of them.

I actually haven’t seen Conan, I just really like Craig. >>

For once, I’m going to be more pretentious than Hades and say “all of them suck.” <_<;;

I do note that a lot of Hades’ supposéd pretentiousness is often just putting people on, though. So I’m not hating on you, okay? :stuck_out_tongue:

GAP only watches Ellen.

No. All talk shows suck. All late night format shows suck. Johnny Carson was marginally funny, but even then it couldn’t save him from the format. With so much better stuff on during the same time slots, “late night” programming has become obsolete.

Although I will admit that I had a crush on Ellen when I was a kid.

Unless you’re on the west coast, that can’t possibly be true.

Unless you have cable, more likely. The rest of freeteevee land is informercials or celebrity gossip shows at that point.

I agree, I guess, in that I don’t really end up watching the talk part. I watch the stand-upy part, then the band or guests if they’re somebody cool or I’m going to sleep and want some noise.

I generally don’t watch network television, excepting The Office. I don’t have cable right now, so that tells you what I watch. :stuck_out_tongue:

And okay, I concede. The stand-up portion to the show isn’t TERRIBLE. But given the lack of quality for the rest of the show, why would I tune in?