Does anyone know where I can find...

The Dragon Half anime?

I saw the first two eps at a friend and it’s just so GREAT!!

I’ve seen that too… unbelievably funny… but alas, I’ve not seen ANY other eps besides these two anywhere… might wanna try Japan itself… :confused:

Never mind…

I believe that I just found it on DVD :smiley:

I’m going to be a bit paranoid and ask 'em if it’s the whole series, or just a part of it…

(And in case you’re wondering. I found it at SFbokhandel… (And it’s in stockholm, so those of you who are going to the gathering can raid their store :)))

Actually…Dragon Half got stopped mid-series as it wasn’t very liked in Japan, or so I heard.

I only heard the ending song, which is silly.

I’ve got the ending song too, and if it’s stopped mid series, then that sucks I guess…

But that wont stop me from buying it, because I saw that the DVD apparently has a real ending on it :slight_smile:

RATZ! Another anime series I haven’t seen, heard, or knewn about! Tell me! Shakes Poke like mad Is it good?! WHERE CAN I FIND IT HERE IN TEXAS!!:hyperven:

is shaken by Chris-chris

You can probably find it somewhere.
How should I know?

All I know is that I’m not going to buy that DVD anymore. It was only two eps… The two that I’ve already seen.
And they didn’t even know of there was anymore eps, so I’m going to raid their store for seomthing else instead.

I heard that Slayers is good… :slight_smile:

stops shaking Poke sorry… I’ll go get some slayers…:runaway: :slight_smile:

The two episodes are all that were ever planned, as I understand it, so no, there is no more of the anime past that.