Does anyone know this fanfic?

I’m trying to remember this one Final Fantasy X fanfic. It was an Aurikku (Sorry non-Aurikku people!) and it was about the rest of the gang placing bets on the pair to see when they would eventually hook up. Last time I read it, it ended where Wakka was a poker dealer and Tidus, Rikku and Auron. I could have sworn the title was “You Better, You Bet” but it won’t show up in the search engine. Is the story even posted anymore? :too bad;

Hmm, it wasn’t on this site at least and I can’t say I’ve read it :confused: Sorry.

I’ve read that story, I think it was on fan I looked rather quickly but did not see it. It is actually kind of funny. I will look again tomorrow.
Got it!
I don’t know if the link will work but here it is.

The author is mignonne, I searched under summery and aurikku.