does anyone know if FFXII will have the traditional world map?


I know the answer to that one.

I dont know.

Do you want it to? Personally, I like the way they did DQVIII’s map; it spreads out before you and doesnt restrict you while at the same time keeping you in the world. And I’d like to be able to fly the airship as i wish. But as long as FFXII’s map isnt like that of FFT or TA’s I’ll be fine.

I played the demo, and from what I can tell, the world map system will be similar to FFTA, where there is a mission at a number of places and you go there and do the mission.

I may be wrong, however…

No. If they do a mission system too similar to 10-2 I will want to have a hole drilled into my skull. Oh God no!

a hole drilled into your skull?
whats that do, if it doesent kill you?
I saw that in Pi and it was mentioned in Ghostbusters

I’m guessing it has seperate “zones” and there will be no world map at all, much like FFX and XI.

Apparently people used to drill holes in their heads to release evil spirits. Now a days fucking weirdos do it because it apparently gives them a sense of euphoria, IE it gives them a high. That’s retarded… lighting a joint is safer than that!

I don’t know if there will be a traditional world map. But what I do know is that the OST is coming out on April 19th and will have 4 discs to it. This may be better than FF Tactics or Vagrant Story… if such a feat is even possible =O

If they do, then I’ll drill your skull if you drill mine first.

from what i herd the map is just like ffta, because they game if just like fft but 1 billion times better!