does anyone know anything about teamspeak servers?

i’m trying to set one up (for like a week now…) for my family/friends. here’s the problem i posted on their forums:

i read all the faqs & stufff on forum & the ones that came w/ my dl…i can connect but my friend cant. i followed the steps on to setup static ip & fwd ports 8767-8768 udp with my actiontec router…also searched round for zonealarm stuff on here & thier site but couldnt find any help to config it…i use zone alarm FREE firewall. the winxp firewall is off (unless its on but it says its off hahah)

any help?

Pardon this for not being specific help for your problem, but I would advise against using TeamSpeak. In my experience as an online gamer, it’s not a very good program. A far superior voicechat program:

You have to pay in order to have more than 8 or so people on a server at one time, but if this is for family and friends and not a clan then you shouldn’t have a problem. It’s very easy to use, too, and has advantages over TeamSpeak. I run the XP firewall and an external firewall at the same time and have never had trouble connecting to any Ventrilo server.

Eh, make sure you have the ip they connect to be the one you get from rather than the one you get from ipconfig in the DOS-like window.
For the server I run, I use my LAN IP (192.168.. is what most lan IPs look like) to connect, whereas people accessing it use my WAN IP. Something I recently learned, actually :smiley:

My WoW guild is on Ventrilo, and I’ll admit that my experience is far superior than what little of Teamspeak I got to not enjoy, since it was a pain in the ass.

i did tell my friend my ip addy, but it still didnt work. also…dont u hae to pay for vent? or can i make my own free server? if so i’ll try that…