Does anyone care that Rio Grande Valley (Bottom tip o' Texas.) is screwed?

Well, according to the idiotic news people who are wrong 40% of the time, Hurricane Erika is heading STRAIGHT toward my city, and about everything within, like, a… big radius of some sort. Well, actually, it’s going straight toward the city above mine, but that’s beside the point. So… I’m screwed!

Bye everyone, if they have computers in heaven/hell, I’ll be sure to come on.

Good luck n’shit. If they do have computers in hell, then I’m gonna be pwnin some newbs from the lake of ice ;p

Ouch, I feel more glad now that California gets no major weather systems.

As for you, I’ve herd, on the news, it might not be a full blown hurricane and just a strong tropical storm or small hurricane so keep praying to whatever god you follow if any.

Yeah, but you know what they say about down here? Since it hardly rains, when there is a Hurricane/Tropical Storm, it will FLOOD LIKE HELL. That’s probably worse than a hurricane when you’re not prepared, because about EVERYTHING you own is gone, either dripping wet or broken. Lucky for me, my computer, clothes, and systems (THANK GOD) are going to be on the roof with a tent like cover over them to keep it from the rain.

Ouchies. :<
I wish you good look. May that storm spare you.

Well, may the Force be with you.

Best of luck.

Norway is luckily spared from most, if not all, of nature’s wrath.

Man the boats, lads! Get Scias out of there!

Well, good luck. I pray for your safety.

Well… I guess it’s time for my excessivly large fan to blow the storm away. Better start hauling, gorillian slaves! Whip crack

Good luck, Scias. I hope that you’ll be okay.

I just hope you stay alive, and I’ll miss you if you don’t.

Call me crazy, but I’d like to be in your shoes. I’ve never seen a hurricane live and close.

Unde other cirsumstances I would agree with Ren, but since people are at risk, I won’t. I hope it’ll miss ya.

I heard about it earlier. Hope you’ll be ok man.