Does anybody have the patience to do this?

I certainly wouldn’t. Plus, my dexterity isn’t the greatest out there, too shaky.

None of them are more than 3 pages worth of instruction. If you understand the instructions clearly they take you no more than 10-15 minutes. Hell, I know a paper airplane fold that’s almost as complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how to make an oragami rock!

  1. Take paper.
  2. Cumple into ball.
  3. Done!

Origami. And there is actually a method for making a rock, but it invovles 5,176 steps, a Mexican midget, and a dance that can only be done if you have severe tendon conditions.

I CAN MAAAKE A PAAPER CRAAAAANE!!! [holds up a crumpled ball]

Geez, I can only make a paper crane. I would probably get fed up and make a 3 step rock intsead…

I CAN MAAAKE A PAAPER CRAAAAANE!!! [holds up a crumpled ball]
LoL, nice!

Hey! I have all the requirements!

…now, how’s the rock made?

I can make paper stars… pretty kewl huh?? :enguard:

I once knew how to make a boat.
Then I figured out how boring it actually was.

Holy shit, Kaiju origami, I so have to fucking do this.

Paper airplanes (and the occassional water bomb) is as far as my orgami talent goes.

You must all make 1000 paper cranes for me, so I may win the lottery.

I normally have great patience from waiting in doctor’s offices practically half my life but for folding paper? Not on your life!

sits at the computer for an hour or too making origamis


Not a chance in hell. Tried doing one simple oragami structure once and I got it all wrong on the third step. It looks easy, but ohhhhhhh noooooo. :noway:

My fingers cramp up just looking at it.

I did these when I was 12. I still got the hang of it.

One thing that amazes me is how people can be amazed by the wing-flapping paper grou despite it being so simple to make. I guess it’s just like magic, people see it as impressive cuzz they haven’t got the trick to do them.