Does any1 think ff7-2 should be a game?

i heard it was coming out(but no-one told me as a movie) and i got really exited…dont get me wrong i think the movie will be cool but i would have preffered a game!

i think it should be game aswell… but a movie is better than nothing

it’d be nice if it were a game~ i know there are movies like T3 and LODR that were made into a game and all, but i doubt they’re gonna port FFVII: AC and turn it into a game.

I’d rather have a remade version of the original FF7. I think updating the shudder graphics and putting in some orchestrations and voice acting coudl really bring out the game all over again.

I think that if they did remake Final Fantasy 7 (or any old Playstation rpgs), they’d probably wait for the next generation of consoles. No point remaking a game that is still easily accessible.

i suppose if ff7-2 isnt made into a game it would be nice if ff7 was remade!

FFVI too then

A remake would only work if they did it well- I think we can trust square-enix to do a damned good job on the graphics, and a few tweaks here or there to the storyline (make Yuffie and Vincent mandatory characters, actually do something with Vincent’s character) and FFVII: redux could well be as good as the original.

Of course, they need to get the right voice actors. Getting the guy who did Bender in for FFX was a masterstroke. Getting the guy from N-Sink in for Kingdom Hearts… :thud: :hyperven: :runaway: (umm… where’s the “puke my guts up” smiley?)

There shouldn’t be a sequel at all. Sequels cheapen and ruin the original, and FFVII wouldn’t be able to take that.

fair enough then a remake would still be worth a shot!!!

I don’t see the point of making a sequel to FF7, the game seemed pretty complete first time round.

A sequel to ff7 is an impossible story.
Try to come up with one.
Even if you could create a sequal it would never work anyway.

FF 10-2 works because it is has some verey Orwellian elements to it.

You could create a sequal to 8 or 9.
maybe one to 6.

but 7 would never work.

of course it would work!!!

y do u think they made a movie sequal…they wouldnt have made it if there wasnt a story!!!

It just came to my mind that FFV has a sequel, the anime Final Fantasy : Legend of the Crystals. I don’t know about you, but personaly I really didn’t like it…
So, IMO a sequel to a game which didn’t have a sequel planned when it was first released, is hard to make good…

I agree that VII can’t have a sequel, and if they did make one
it shouldn’t be called FFVII-2. That’s the most unoriginal crap I’ve
seen since N64 sequels tagging on a 2 except this time they
hyphenated it. Big deal -_-

A remake wouldn’t be out of the question though. They could
overhaul the whole game and make it as impressive as X-2 and
Xenosaga (I’m playing that now and I’m very impressed,
especially with the voice acting… not a SINGLE bad actor as of
yet). I know at least a dozen people who would go on a killing
spree to have a revamped VII, myself included.

As for the movie, I’m not really anticipating that with joy. It may
work, but I agree with Gilgamesh… it was a pretty done deal at
the end of VII.

Originally posted by Nebagram
Bender in for FFX

Woah o.O What is that guys name, and who did he play?

John DiMaggio, he played Wakka (not that far removed from the Hermes voice if you think about it) and Kimahri. FFX also had that guy from Star Trek and the A-Team in it. :suckah:

I’m all for a FF7 remake, or a FF7 remake in 2D graphics for GBA or PSP.

however, FF7-2 should have been a game, and I’m not that exited for it.

Initially, I had my reservations about doing a movie sequel instead of a game sequel. The trailer makes me think it’s worth a look however (even though it was in Japanese), and I was impressed by the graphics. I wouldn’t mind seeing sequels to more Final Fantasy games, but I don’t see the point in remaking FFVII as it still plays on the current harware. I’d prefer it if Square remade FFIII which isn’t available for Playstatio or PS2 yet.