dod July Free Month

A lot of really good entires this month!

My picks are “In Darkness Dwells(I’m betting Danimal Cannon),” "Where is that Little Punk, "Starla (Norg or Snappleman),“Bond’s Batteries (I’m betting Ryan8bit)” and “The Brightest Star(CarboHydroM, although I have my doubts).”

“Chrono Picker” is really brief as it’s only a direct cover of the theme, but I really got a kick out of it.

Hey, I bet you goat didn’t do “Sudden Kiss”! (joking)

[/end fanboy-ism]

… Care to explain for those of us who see “dod” and immediately think of the Half-Life mod “Day of Defeat” and momentarily thought that you meant that you could play “Day of Defeat: Source” for free this month?


dod is short for dungeon of duels.