Doctors remove 2nd head off baby

This is just plain bizarre

I feel sick to my stomach now…

The head could blink? That just plain creepy.

Oh man, I agree with GM on this one.

So, wait a second, if I threw the two headed baby into the lake, would I get TWO meatball subs?

The meatball subs are putting the baby in the well.

I think the fact that the second head could smile is creepier than the fact that it could blink. >_<

Also, I did a quick google search on parasitic twins in response to this article, and found a page on the <a href=“”>types of parasitic twins</a>. Look at the bottom. “Sonic hedgehog” is the name of an embryonic protein. A quick jaunt over to confirmed that that is the protein’s official name. That blew me away more than the parasitic twin story. =P

Wow…that is just…wow…I had heard about the Domican girl dying, but she wasn’t developed enugh to survive without the parasite…this one I think is developed enough to live on.

I really did not need to see that at this time. Barf :thinking:

I had known about such things from some years ago, studying theratology and such. If you guys think this is creepy, you shouldn’t look at a arlequin baby, or a photo of a baby with Cyclopia (usually caused by Patau’s syndrom)

The Hedgehog protein family is critical in multiple stages of vertebrate and invertebrate development. Naming stuff is what scientists do for fun :P. Shh is just one of them. Its a signaling molecule that results in different tissues forming along an Shh gradient. Shh gradients organize surrounding differentiating cells to have them make different stuff. Very simply put.

Edit: I attached a picture of how Shh is responsible for digit formation in chicks (and probably other organisms :P). Sorry for the low quality. People actually performed these transplanation experiments.

What is more creepy then a decapitated baby head that can smile and blink?

Hmm…that’s interesting.

I wonder what they did with the head. Did they use the tissue for research? Donations? Did they eat it? Hmm…

Yum… :booster:

One which knows intricate details about prophecies related to the liberation of Mars.

Ewww. At least it was a head and not a Head Crab.
Good to know at least one of them will have an improved life.

Head Crab?

I read about this the other day, and I was hoping to see a picture (just to know how it looked).

It’s really unnerving.

Jesus… That is a amazing. I didn’t read the entire article, so I might have missed it, but will the baby have a normal life?