Doctor Who: The End of Time

Holy moly. As if the end of the 2008 series wasn’t epic enough this two-parter may well have blown it out of the water. Despite the typical RTD plot holes it really stands up to anything in the new series in terms of impact. David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins are at their absolute best, John Simm hams it up brilliantly as the Master and Timothy Dalton as Rassilon is just fucking [i[immense[i]. Okay so the ending may suffer from Return of the King-itis a little (you’ll know what I mean), but the revelation of ‘he will knock four times’ will have you in tears guaranteed.

iPlayer it, catch it on BBC America, beg, borrow, steal, doesn’t matter. TV events like this don’t happen very often. :smiley:

I’ve considered watching “the New Who” online (I was a big fan of the Fourth Doctor, whose series aired here) but the things I’ve heard about it have not really motivated me. I’ve read reviews of “The Waters of Mars” and “The End of Time” and they… don’t sound very good. The Doctor goes crazy over changing history? They had a character KILL HERSELF just so history would stay on track? The Master turned into a cannibal?( How have the mighty fallen.) And is anybody surprised they brought back the Lords of Time? So much for the new series’ premise…

Don’t judge the entire new series on a couple reviews, there’s a lot of split opinions about the newer episodes, but most of the series is brilliant. I mean, it’s 4 seasons long so far and those are only two episodes, ahaha. Not to mention that the 10th Doctor’s one of the most likeable main characters I’ve ever seen (and 9 was great too).

And I just finished watching part two, oh God, did I cry. I was dreading watching it because I knew I would, haha. I’m not sure what else to say about it other than that. The first part pulled a little bit of BS, but overall it was amazing and, aaaugh, I’m going to miss 10.

YAY! The Time Lords are back! oh wait… sike?

End of Time two thumbs down. I’m a huge doctor who fan. But I thought this was just a cop out and not very good. >:(

Do want!

The new Doctor is a homosexual.

No no no, he just doesn’t have eyelids.