Doctor Octopus speaks!!

…Or at least Alfred Molina, the actor who plays him, does, in the latest issue of WIZARD magazine.

Mr. Molina wrote down his experiences as he filmed Spider-Man 2 in “diary” form (the Wizard people probably asked him to- they’ve done it with other celebrities.)

I really recommend that you pick this up and read it, if you’re into comics and/or movies. This is a surprisingly well-written article; Molina (an actor I knew nothing about, other than that he was a Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark) comes across as an intelligent, gentlemanly person. I have a new respect for him- especially for taking all that stunt work with the tentacles and wires, and not complaining! I know if I had to spend whole days carrying that mechanical contraption I would whine like a wet dog! (The thing’s spooky- not only it moves by itself (by remote control, actually) it can snap at things too!) And yeah, he had a stunt double, but there were just too many up-close scenes that needed him to do them.
(yeah, I realize someone could have "ghosted’ it, but It’s still a great article.)

And worry not, there are no spoilers in the article. He mentions a fight scene in a train, but if you saw the trailers going on now, you already know that.

WIZARD is my favorite comics magazine. It’s slick, and covers a lot of stuff both popular and obscure. In addition to the Doc Ock article, there are other goodies in this issue, such as an article on the CATWOMAN movie (Man! Halle Berry looks GOOD in this movie! Mrrowr!), and fan polls on the best (and worst!) X-Men stuff ever.

You can find Wizard at comic book stores, and some newstands. Dunno if it’s available outside the USA, tho.

I’m quite fammiliar with WIZARD, though I havn’t read it in a long time.

As-is, I’m already counting the minutes until Spider-man 2. From what I saw in the trailers, Doc Ock looks effing AWESOME.

yeah, well, you’re an idiot.

I miss reading Wizard, however I am not going to pick it up for a Catwoman article. My husband would. “Halle Berry’s SO Hot!” he says.

Halle berry is NOT hot. and she is not a good actress either. she was only good when she was getting pounded by billy bob thorton. and I’m never gonna watch that again, just cuz it was gross.

Halle Berry looks like a slut. This is not Catwoman. This is DEFINATELY not Catwoman. I’ll pass.

And why does Halle Berry look like a slut?

Ugh, Halle Berry… Miss ‘I’ll ruin Storm’s character with my bad acting, hey look at my boobs!’

I hear that she was considering not doing Storm again in X-Men 3 (yay!) unless she played a much bigger role than the previous two (boo!). Of course, the execs, wanting to keep such a ‘talented’ (eyecandy) actress on the film, MADE Storm’s character more important for X-Men 3. (ARGHABLBELBBLE!)

So, no, I don’t like Halle Berry. I’m certainly not going to see Catwomen. But, I’m sure the movie will do well, no matter how bad it may be, because it involves Halle Berry in a skin-tight leather outfight, thus cashing in on the ‘horny teenage boy’ demographic, which is all it’ll take for it to do well.


>Of course, the execs, wanting to keep such a ‘talented’ (eyecandy) actress on the film, MADE Storm’s character more important for X-Men 3. (ARGHABLBELBBLE!)

Well, she’s the biggest name in the cast. There’s plenty of other eye candy, they’re the freakin’ X-Men :stuck_out_tongue: But Halle did a terrible job in the first film (she was bitchy during all of production) but she handled herself better the second time. She doesn’t quite get the character though.

isn’t Wizard the only comics magazine?

That’s well and true, but at least the other eye candy did better jobs with their characters.

I can’t quite remember if I thought she was any better in the second movie, as I’ve only seen that one once.

Regardless, X-Men 3 is still just being worked on, I don’t think they’re even starting filming until next year, so it’s a ways off.

the script isn’t even done, the last I heard. But they’re talking about when they’re going to film it (looks like a late 2005/2006 release as of now).

No, there are others, but none are so well known (or look so slick).

I didn’t realize there was so much resentment against Halle Berry here! Anyway, it’s the Molina article I really recommend.

And while Berry may be an OK kinda actress, at least she acted better than Tobey Maguire did as Peter Parker!
(RUNS FOR HIS LIFE!) :hahaha; :mwahaha:

I liked tobey as spidey ;_; though maybe that was only cause of the mirror sceneexcuses myself for drooling… Yeah i don’t care for Halle Berry either, especially not her role in that james bond movie or the first x-men she was boring. Bring back michelle pfeiffer for catwoman, i thought she did a decent job being such.

You know when Star says it…it means business. As for Spiderman, Venom was the best villain anyway. I can’t wait for the Spiderman with Eddie Brock/Venom.

Sorry for the necropost, but I’ll put it simply: I don’t mind Halle Berry at all, and I think she’s hot. But in THAT outfit? It makes Catwoman look like a fucking whore. (And yes, I’m aware of the “alternate realities”.)

Not to mention what I’ve heard about what WB is doing to Catwoman and Superman… the execs need to be shot. But not before being anally raped by people who have some goddamn sense in thier fucking heads.

A few threads I think you may want to look at. I hope you have the time:


Superman: (this one is a loooooong read folks)

Admittedly, most of it is opinon, but my view on said movies have become incredibly sour. Not to mention with WB, which I’m starting to believe that it is a studio run by utter fuckwits who need to be killed in the name of natural selection.

Could you expound on that a bit? I must have missed something, even though I have a terribly reliable source for all comic related news.