Do you think one game is enough to warrant a 360 purchase?

I’m extremely intrigued in Blue Dragon, just for its pedigree. There are some huge names working on it, that it cant possibly be less than amazing. But there’s no other game I care about coming out for the 360 (except for MGS4, if the rumors continue to circulate). Do you think it’s worth the purchase?

Right now I’m asking myself the same question with the PS3 so I don’t think I can help you all that much.

Except that the 360 is a lot cheaper than the PS3. I think there are a lot of reasons to buy a 360, not just Blue Dragon. Wait a little while before buying it, you’ll pay less for each.

Sure. I certainly woudlnt run out and buy a 360 for any reason. It’s probably best to wait till like 5 games are out. At least that way I’d have enough to keep me occupied.

There are maybe four or five games for each of the three new systems that I’m interested in. DMC 4, FF XIII, FF vXIII, and White Knight Story for the PS3, Fire Emblem 9, Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: TP, and tons of VC games for the Wii, and Dead Rising, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Dead or Alive 4 for the 360. Four or five games does not merit a purchase. Seven or eight games with a very promising future probably does.

Pretty much all of Mistwalker’s in-progress 360 games look great.

One game isn’t enough to warrant purchasing an entire console, though Blue Dragon AND Lost Odyssey both look amazing. Like the Sin says, wait for a price drop/other games you might be interested in.

To be fair though, the 360 is looking strongest of all next-gen consoles so far- although the headstart may have had something to do with that.