Do you like hamsters?

Yes, No, or Pie. Choose!

In a pie.

Torture the hamster, then have some pie.

I do not like hamsters that much, but I do not agree with torturing any animals.

However, if they were raised for meat humanely, like most free-range and organic meat around here is, then I certainly would eat them.

I don’t actual torture hamsters, it’s more of an iritating them thing.


I think my cats ate my only hamster I ever had. So can’t rightly say I like them or not. Pie is good.

That is one HUMONGOUS pie.

<b>Apple</b> pie.

I was thinking 4 and 20 blackbirds.

In the presence of pie, I tend to lose intelegence.
“What is this “hamster” you speak of …pie… what? PIE?..PIE!!!”

Both Yes and Pi(e).



Hamsters can be a pain to keep track of. My mate once had one but accidentally sucked it up into his hoover. This is doubly tragic as a) it was one that used fan blades to generate suction and b) it had a transparent cylinder.

Ketchup, anyone? :o)

what the- goes and throws up
(no I dont like hamsters.they are a pain in the ass to take care of)

Send that stupid animal to the great ratcatcher in the sky… then have some pie

they die too fast.

Tasty hamtaro pie

They’re cute little furballs =^.^=