Do you like cute kitty pictures? Of course you do!

Awwwwww :cool:

This is a bizarre stance for a cat.

I’d like to have the opinion of a chinese person about this one. Sounds profitable for their market.

This one is both crual towards the poor cat and a waste of good material towards the computer.

The text should rather say: “When the humans go away and the lights are turned off we’ll get to know each other in a very intimate way…”

Man, you totally ruined those pictures. Crawl in a hole and die. :frowning:

meh, just a bunch of pics that show up every Caturday. Not even particularly good ones.

Kitties are cute. Thou shall not defy their awesomeness.

Yay kitties! ^_____^

kitteh! :slight_smile:

And of course the classic.

I’m in ur blender

…wait, what the hell am I doing in ur blender?!

I don’t think that’s a blender but cute XD. I love the beer one ^^.

I simply love every single one of them!You shall all bow down to the power of the kitty overlords!!!BOW BEFORE THEM!!!

its not caturday

Caturday is everyday…Or at least it will be …:hahaha;

Hello, I am in your bonsai kitten jar.

I’m a Dog kinda guy, not a Cat-guy. Still, cute pictures. Wait until my niece Nelimar sees this thread, hehe…

PS: Where is that “Where is your God now?” quote from? I know I’ve heard it before…

Most of the time that I see the “Where is your god now” is at 4chan, with pictures of The King (Burger King, not Elvis :P)

But anyway…
The first thing that I thought when I saw the thread was:

But that thought soon disappeared as my stomach growled.
Going to get food, and what do I see?

Which brought my thoughts back to the thread, and how Wil said that he’s more of a dog person, so of course we should have a picture for him too. If there only was something related to a previous picture… And maybe there is…

And then again, maybe there is a CAT for a comic fan like Wil… Like…
The Juggercat!

But then when I got back to the computer I realized that my food wasn’t the only thing that the kitties were eating.

There’s more too, but I’ve got food to eat, because I AM hungry. :stuck_out_tongue:

im curious if any of you are familiar with Kitten Huffing

hehe kitty