Do you have a webcomic?

I do. It’s in my sig. If anyone else does, please post.

I did, but it only lasted 3 episodes. I might bring it back someday, if I can get my scanner working.

Fucking horrible

I used to. It was called Crakton comics. I’m sure some people here will remember that. Me and my friend got bored of it though so we gave up on it. It had about 20 or so “episodes” I think. It’s all backed up on some cd my friend has, too. It was a weird comic though, some may not even call it a comic. It was basically the character’s heads made in paint next to what their saying… it was kind of a story format, actually.

I also did about 7 or 8 comics with my friend, these comics were actually drawn too. It was called Mudface and Generic Character. I rarely talk to that friend anymore though, so unfortunately it’s put on hold. Maybe forever! gasp!

I was gonna make one until I realized I have no artistic talent, hosting service, or money.

I don’t have one but i have a close friend that has a webcomic and if i get the right stuff i might make one

You don’t need money. Here’s some hosting sites:




You’d fit right in with most of the crowd, then.

Haha, I remember those! They were hilarious! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody here actually have a link to their webcomic. Mine’s in my sig.

I’m waiting until I have about twenty strips before actually hosting it on the web.

I was thinking the exact same thing as I was typing it.

‘Artistic talent’ was my main setback, but I could always make a terrible, terrible sprite comic!

Sorry stain but I agree…in a less insulting way

What? My comic? It probably has something to do with being done in MS paint.