Do you get enough sleep?

I get about the right amount.

I don’t really think I get the amount my body needs, but I get enough to keep me going during the day!!


Sleep? You speak nonsense, whiteman.

I get about 4-6 hours sleep. So that’s a no then?

i sleep, but i don’t sleep as much as i need to…

I sleep too much or too little. Dipending on how I feel and which phase of the lunar cycle we’re in! :o

Err… In other words I don’t sleep enough then I get really sleepy and sleep TOO much and wake up feeling sleeper then when I went to bed!

So no, but I never slept well. I dream way to much to get any restful sleep @.@;;;

Not complaining though, dreams are better then any video games or movie :stuck_out_tongue:


life’s too short, why waste it on sleep…

Gustav Graves, Die another day

I sleep about eight hours a night, so I’m okay.

i get about 6-7 hours of sleep on week nights. but on Friday and Saturday i’m awake all night. some people call me an insomniac.

I try to get about eight hours of sleep, but I sometimes fail.

I get WAAAAY more than I need…

Originally posted by Horus
Sleep? You speak nonsense, whiteman.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

sleep? what is this sleep you speak of???

in other words… hell no! drinking coffee i need no sleep!!!

Who needs sleep when you’ve got cofee?

Heck yeah!!! drinks coffee coffee is good. NEED MORE COFFEE!!! :o no one can stop me with coffee in my system! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I don’t sleep… If I do, then it’s not my fault…

I get what i need…7-8-9 hrs

sleep at 13:00, 23:00
get up at 8:00, 14:00 every day


Uh, both too little and too much, I go like 28 hours and then sleep for 16 or so.