Do You Constantly Impersinate Elvis at Work or School?

I do.

i don’t. if I impersonated work I could be liable for slander, because I don’t even work. and school’s out of the question, I’m too busy pretending to do pay attention at school.

Thank you…Thank you very much

I once impersonated Mao Zedong in school. I even wrote it on the class sign out sheet.

I pretend to be the ghost of Hank Williams

I think I did that once, when I was drunk, but I don’t remember. I know I’ve pretended to be the Ghost of Shane McGowan and the reincarnation of Jimmy Cliff, but those are different.

Er…Arac. About being the ghost of Shane McGowan…the problem with that is…he’s still alive. :wink:
Although you get a cookie for knowing his name.

i try not to . . . but hey, who can resist?!

So is Jimmy Cliff, for that matter.
EDIT: And thanks for the cookie.

The entire time I was working backstage for the musical “Bye Bye Birdie” that’s all we did.

duh… elvis rocks… who wouldn’t want to impersonate him