Do you agree with this statement?

“Only girls keep diaries.”

I, for one, have never met a guy who openly admitted he wrote/kept a diary of his own.

Note this excludes online journals, who nobody reads anyway.

No, because only one boy in the world who kept a diary would be needed to disprove the statement.

And people do read paper diaries?

More do than read online diaries. :smiley:

Girls keep diaries, boys keep journals, have you people never seen Doug?

I’ve seen it, but so long ago I forgot that little detail.

But… WTF is with blue/red/green/other messed up color-skin?

Skin disease?

That was the first thing I thought of when I entered this topic. I remember the episode where Doug lost his journal, and everybody kept calling it a diary, and he got pissed.

And I also remembered the pilot, where Doug himself called it a diary…

Anyway, I still think that there’s at least one boy in the world who calls his journal a diary.

I a diary is where you write what happened in your day, a journal is just where you write shit, which can include what happened in your day. Also, a diary isn’t observations about the day, it’s a retelling of the events of the day. For example, writing something like ‘the camera angles in [movie you saw that day] were really good, I liked them,’ isn’t a diary, but saying, ‘After that, I went to see [movie], I really liked it; it had very good camera angles. Then, I went out to dinner after…’ is a diary. It’s like the Square-[strike]enix[/strike]Rectangle thing, where a Square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t necessarily a square.

For example, I keep a journal, but never really write about what happened during my date (other than occaisional notes on people/things I saw that I should include in a story sometime, or places that make good settings), so it isn’t really a diary. A diary is narrative, telling the events, while a journal is just stuff.

Or so the dictionary and my intuition tell me.

Boy, does that take me back!

Personally, I’ve never met a guy who keeps a journal, let alone a diary. I bet there’s one (or two) out there, though.

The statement is false because there are guys who probably do. But the majority are just to lazy to keep any kind of written record. Everythings in the head.