Do we have any floridians around?

Just curious on what its like down there.

From what I’ve seen on the news, can’t be too good right now. Poor guys. Jeanne hit them much harder than it did here (since I’m in CT it’s little more than a fierce rainstorm).

its hot, awesome ,many interesting people to meet :victoly: and “bored” is the last word you’d use here! yes, its that badass :hyperven:

but only if you live at south beach or miami
and don’t worry about the hurricanes, meh, they’re so petty, the news people exxageratted with double letters. it didn’t do crap

Well, there’s lots of sand. And palm trees. And saltwater surrounding most of it. And sunny. And tons of tourists during the summer and spring break.

Whatever’s going on down there, it can’t be too good. Poor guys. Jeanne hit them much harder than it hit us (I’m in CT, so it’s little more than a heavy rainstorm).

Whatever happened to jakanaden? He was in florida.

WOW…6 people…

PKT is still alive, so obviously mother isn’t trying hard enough. >.>;


This will inevitably make people want to lecture you about the importance and sacredness of human life. Say instead “That’s not much compared to other hurricanes” or “compared to other natural disasters”.

The more you know :smiley:

So because they aren’t directly related to you, they don’t even deserve your respect? Show a little decency for the people who got killed at the very least.

EDIT: I didn’t lecture him on human life Cless, so there. 8P

Play nice children

I’m not continuing, I’m just irritated at that statement. Didn’t mean to provoke him, sowwy Sin. :confused:

I am also very irritated by that statement- by that fact! Only 6 people? What kind of hurrican can call itself an natural disaster when it only kills 6 people. Not 60, not 600- which is an acceptable number- but six. Frankly, I think that those hurricans need to stop being so lazy and start striking down moterists with lighting and flying cows. Smack a family and that’s a good six right there.


Let’s get back to the hurricane. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really though, aside from maybe 2-3 people, DO we have anyone from Florida? I’ve been here since early '02 and I can’t recall anyone from there.

its The Land of The Stolen Election

Thinking on it, I would’ve sworn it was an act of God to prevent Bush from being re-elected, either a punishment on Floridians or a way to get some out of there so the dems could win the state.

Only if Katherine Harris is among the six.

EDIT: as far as floridians around here on the boards, I think Daria – the erstwhile webmistress of the Other RPGClassics (the rom page some of us may remember) who pops up to post here a couple days a year – is from Florida. I think there’s a few others, too, but I can’t recall them.

If it was a punishment, I hope it was concentrated on Jeb Bush’s place of residence. 8P

We had a couple people like Dark Epyon that live/lived in Florida.

Dark Knight is also form Florida, not sure who else.