Do to lack of funds...

Starting in october, RPGClassics will be going offline, indefinately. make your time.

You can’t be serious!

I assure you, I am VERY serious.

Ha! I was expecting something like this, but you surpassed my expectations, well done dude. :stuck_out_tongue:

we cant even afford me to spell correbtly

How much money is needed to keep the site going?

Dig deep, people… RPGC needs you in these times of financial despair. Get us that money any way you can… and soon.

I’d be willing to chip in whatever I can spare. I love this place too much.

How much IS needed?

Bloody hell! :eek:


about 800 dollars

The way I see it, it’s a fair deal. We write these strategies and put together these shrines FOR FREE, and you people just take, take, take. Where’s the damn incentive to keep going, huh?

I’ll pitch in what I can but I can’t do it alone.


Wouldnt you rather be the single person responsible for saving rpgclassics? I would, but i have so many student loans to pay off

I can spare a bent nickle and a used paper clip. That should save the day, no problem.

Merl. I demand Charlemagnes confirmatino on this.

Lets all help as much as we all can!

I have £9000 pounds of Student Loan. After I leave Univeristy in three years I’ll give you what I have left. You can wait that long, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do I look like MacGyver? No, I cant use a bent nickle and a paper clip