Do they really mean final fantasy 2

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Do you think they mean the real final fantasy 2 for nes? Because the super nintendo one is actually an easy version of Final Fantasy 4

I’m not sure what the original Japanese was, so I don’t know what he’s referring to (If I was pressed to guess, however, I’d say FF4). However, I do know that the American release of FF4 (“FF2US”) is still a LOT harder than Chrono Trigger, and probably harder than the original FF2 as well, since FF2’s battle system was so easy to abuse. Not that that really matters, since the original script would have been referring to the Japanese version of the game, anyway.

I had a lot of trouble with Final Fantasy 2’s battle system. I had the third guy cast cure a few times and he suddenly turned in to a wuss. I gave all my guys swords since those were the strongest weapons

I heard the game’s easy if you “twink” your guys, but there’s not that much rare equipment in the game.

FF2j’s easy if you grind. It is easily abused. I found CT to be harder than FF4 (if you don’t take new game+ into consideration). Maybe I just haven’t played either game in so long.

I found that Chrono Trigger is a very easy game, even without large amounts of fight-scumming, if any at all. There were a few hard fights, that required some good strategy, but other than that, the game was quite straight forward, and easy to play.

But like Hiryuu said, it would most probably be the Japanese v.2, if it were translated directly. But then you could also take the stance that the translators also took that into account, and changed it…


Do you mean you ran away from fights?

No - Boss fights I meant. Take the Golem Twins for example.
I… really can’t think of one time when I did run from a normal fight.


What do you mean by scum? You mean a fight you can lose and still continue with the story?

Golem Twins was the only fight like that (Or was it golem?)

Going By the GBA FF1+2… FF2 “Level up” system is tricky if you’ve not started right, which Impededs some battles.

CT is easier, in my view, but FFX is easiest out of the 3 mentioned in my post.

No, there’s also a fight against Lavos. It’s the one where Crono “dies”.

Most rpgs have one fight you can lose. However, if you win it (like against Kratos) you get a prize