Do they finish last?

Here’s the $64,000 question. Throughout high school and college, I have been known as a nice guy, and unfortunately I’ve seen little positive results. Despite my family telling me that I’m handsome (they’re family, so compliments are usual), I’m intellectual and creative hence my art and fics, and that I certainly don’t have low self-esteem, I for some reason have found it hard with my “nice guy” attitude to find women. I have been lucky to get a girlfriend who’s quite fond of me despite my little quirks. Tragedy though that I also see the assholes reign supreme on campus, especially rich guys/girls, WASPs, elitists, and frat boys. However, I see people like me (even women) succumb to pressure to be an asshole or mope about their failures in attracting the opposite sex. Now what I wonder is, do nice guys/girls actually finish last…or is that all bullshit?

tis true. nice guys make people envision what they would have to do to be nice people so the only other people who like nice people are other nice people and semi nice people whislt everyone else hates them.

Do what I do, and don’t bother. No expectation, no disappointment. :stuck_out_tongue:

In high school, yea, nice guys finish last. Which is why you need to be the bad ass with the gentle heart.

I know exactly what you mean, but do as Pierson says. :stuck_out_tongue: You’re totally right. Same thing goes for nice and smart girls.

Definately has seemed that way, but just go about living being confident in yourself and sooner or later some girl(s) should fall all over you. I don’t know what it is that makes a girl fall for the wrong guy and not the nice guy, suppose i should know being a girl but i dont. Guess its the excitement and riskyness a wrong guy can offer that the stable nice guy usually cant?

You might find luck in internet dating services.

If you’re a nice person, you might find yourself with a lasting relationship or a good job. If you’re nasty, you’ll have a new girlfriend each week and probably end up working at McDonalds.

Yeah heres hoping theres something called karma.

First of all, I don’t think it’s good that you’re referring to WASPs, rich kids, frat boys, etc. as assholes. I know plenty of kids who fall into those categories that are really decent and nice people. I’m not trying to rip on you, stereotypes like that just bother me a little because I’ve seen they don’t always hold true.

With that out of the way, let’s look at your real question. Do girls go for assholes? My answer would be that some do. There is a category of girl out there who will date a guy for his looks, money, or social status. Actually, the same can be said of some guys (although maybe not so much for money). But think about it–would these girls still be going for the same asshole if he didn’t have these things? Probably not. So I don’t think that it’s the “asshole” quality of the guy that attracts girls at all. They’re just attracted to other things he’s got, and maybe he’s an asshole as a side effect of having this stuff.

But I really think this type of girl represents a very small portion of the female population. Few women are really that shallow, just like few men are really shallow enough to select a girl on the basis of her breast size or something stupid like that. As some other poster pointed out (sorry, I forget who), there are plenty of nice, intelligent girls out there who get ignored by men, too. My advice to you is to stop worrying about girls who go for assholes and maybe start seeking out this type of “nice girl.” They sound like they would be better matches for a nice guy like you, anyway :slight_smile:

REAAAALLLY. you must live in a very nice town to have les than %50 of the men think that way.

…Wow, you really are a fucktard :stuck_out_tongue:
I know a lot of guys that don’t base their likings on breast size. They do it on other things.

yeah… like how short her skirt is… :stuck_out_tongue: hehe no really, it’s more about personality and stuff, but good looks are nice too but not really necesairy(spellingerror I know)

Yes. Nice guys do finish last.

I wish I had known this earlier; if I could do it all over again I’d be a total fucking asshole. But unfortunately it’s too late now: compassion, common sense, morality, and civil conscience have all infiltrated and taken up permanent residence in my brain.

God. Damn. It.

And the good die young, too. Assholes live forever.

notice how it sais or something stupid like that also in bold. Most guy’s I know would rather go out with someone with some stupid thing who’s a complete bitch than a nice girl who’s but ugly.

Utterly bullshit. Being a jerk proves nothing except that you are a jerk. If you step all over people on your way up on the social ladder, you’re going to have no friends on your way down.

Eh, just remember, be nice when those people who act that way now are asking you if you want fries with that.

Being an asshole doesn’t mean that you’re going to work at McDonalds. I’d say the opposite actually, but being an asshole also doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful.

You mean nice guys aren’t all gay?

… and that is basicly your problem. That, or, you might not be assertive enough. OR in a perfect world you haven’t found that perfect gal yet. Honestly if you keep looking and keep trying so hard you won’t get anywhere. Just go with the flow. Smile, be yourself; if she doesn’t come then wait till next time or something man.

Why do you need a girl to be happy? (or guy, whatever :P) Just try to enjoy your life with your friends and family before you get 1) shot in the head 2) lose all the hair ON your head.


Nice guys finish last. When one thinks of that, one has to take note that girls like guys with balls, which can mean a variety of things. Secondly, one has to think of the subgroup of individuals being aimed for, as certain things will work better than others. If you’re boring to your targeted subgroup, you won’t get any attention. Nice is often correlated with boring.

And some girls would have no problem if they were more approachable.

Or simply follow SK’s advice. SK’s Invincible Advice To The Lovelorn: “All you need to do is lose all your morals and ethics, get an asinine yet “unique” hairstyle (the more fucked up the better - preferably throw some dye in there), wear “stylish” clothes which you first need to steal out of the Salvation Army bin, slap on a pair of expensive sunglasses, hug/grope everyone you see as a way of greeting (especially men - for some reason the women think this is a really cool thing to do; don’t ask me why), say in a husky voice absolutely idiotic things that sound meaningful (if you need help coming up with sufficiently idiotic things, read the Cliff Notes to any Ayn Rand book), talk in a faux accent (it doesn’t matter which one), keep repeating that society sucks and that love and friendship are all meaningless social constructs that have no value, namedrop every philosopher you’ve ever heard of (and every one you haven’t), and lastly, talk about fucking in the most lewd and lascivious manner in front of women (you can and should ask them to fuck you, the first time you meet them, but only after groping everyone who is present, then talking for a little while about how society sucks). Obviously, this might take a little practice in front of the mirror at home, and you might need to diet a little if you’re overweight (no need to be ashamed of that, it’s easy to fix anyway), but it’ll pay off. I guarantee that within a month you’ll have to fend the women off with a pointy stick. The only drawback is that I will hit you very, very hard if I see you, but even that will only get you more women in the end.”

why do you have to be completly bad or good?

what happened to the middle?