Do the Slayers movies have anything to do with the series?

I ask because I’ve only seen the first slayers series, and I dont want to see anything that might have happened in the other series to be given away.

Yes they do. Most movies are about the times when Lina traveled with Naga but the ones where Gourry and Co. appear are situated after Slayers Try, however, they rarely talk about stuff that has to do with the series.

They have very very little to do with each other. Besides for Slayers Premium, you can safely see all the movies without worrying about the series. The rest of the movies actually take place before the first series.

I recommend Slayers Return and Slayers Gorgeous. The others range from lacklustre to awful. Premium is a lot of fun, but I recommend you see the first series (plain Slayers) first.

thank you very much

They have a slayers actual novel and its in english. It is the one with lina and gourry

I thought Slayers with naga were the novels

I’ve seen 3, can someone tell me what the names of those are?

  1. About defeating a vampire guy

  2. About a bratty girl who tags along

  3. About rival clothing makers [or something]

They were all comedy esque by the way.

There is one about rival GOLEM makers. Dunno about this one.

That’s one of the OVA’s… there are two OVA series (consisting of three half-hour pieces). I think that one’s Slayers: Book of Secrets.

Close Cid, the Slayers Book of Spells contains the 3 OVAs from Slayers: Dragon Slave, namely “The Scary Chimera Plan”, “Jeffrey’s Knighthood”, and “Mirror, Mirror.” The 3 OVAs that Miltank is talking about are the exceedingly rare, and exceedingly funny Slayers: Excellent.

I liked the oavs. I didnt like the manga regarding Naga though

I bleieve the Slayers tv show that started the one with Gourry is also called Slayers EX