Do the mods here abuse their power?


I would hardly call that an abuse of power. It would be an abuse of power if they banned someone just because they didn’t like them. It is not an abuse of power to add things to already closed threads. I don’t see how that is so difficult to understand.

I didnt mean it in a condecending way. Those two threads are great, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with a mod wanting to add something to a locked thread, maybe to get a last word, or to clarify something, but to just play around like that is an abuse of power in some way. Maybe abuse is the wrong word, but I don’t know what else to call it.

Yeah all the time.

I disagree. Adding stuff to closed threads is an abuse of power since it is something only mods can do and the thread was closed for a reason…or sometimes just because. Not that I really care, but it is an abuse of power…or maybe position would be a better term.

you are a braver soul than i to give voice to what is a common opinion among all users…however i pray that you will not pay for your courage with your life…

to those who can see the true horror that is the moderation staff of rpgclassics dot com: bide your time. post your threads, make replies, embed images. live your life as you normally would. but be ready…ready for that glorious day when a true leader will emerge, and lead us from this time of Tombstone Grey into the glorious Yellow Dog Dawn of a free and democratic rpgclassics. devillion for admin '08

I vote dev

And Cless

Yeah, nothing makes me feel more abused than knowing other people post humorous comments in closed threads, and I never will.

Nah, if anything the Mods here are more tolerant than those of other boards I have been to (especially the Comics Book Resource Boards, a few of them are real jerks.) Sure, posting on closed threads is like having a Party where we are invited to watch but not join in, but if that’s what relieves their editorial stress, they can have it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I can post in closed threads on occasion, or I can try out board functions related to purging in new and innovative ways.

I really don’t mind either of them.

Dev / Cless '08

It’s not abuse of power, it’s use of power. They do abuse it sometimes when they close thread for funsies, but usually it’s cause the thread is just for funsies anyway, so it’s all good.

<3 the mods, boo dev and Cless, the troublemakers.

I am both shocked and amazed that this thread hasn’t already been locked and turned into yet another one of the Mod’s dumping grounds yet.

I’m even surprised that I’ve gone this long without getting perma ban’d yet. It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Edit: or it was until I heard a preview of the live action Chipmunks movie in the background as I was typing this. Now I feel that Christmas won’t come unless I give who ever was behind that abomination a good olde fashioned savage beating.

Hey. We also have a secret mod forum that YOU GUYS can’t post in. That’s abuse of power too because we created a whole secret area that you losers can’t see or post in. Losers.

I’d say that the guys who monitor the forums here are fair and well-adjusted individuals worthy of the respectable title of moderator.

<font size=“1”>And I totally wasn’t paid to say that. counts cash in an unmarked envelope</font>

I demand the admins all go down at once. I want to see them stripped from power. I want them on their knees before me. I’m hard pressed to even think of what to do to them, but I’m sure it’ll come in time, never good if it’s too early. I think it’s time we slid the flags from their poles and unsheathed our swords for battle. They must come to grips with their own fallacies. When it’s all said and done, we’ll come out on top. I think it wouldn’t be enough if they fell eight times over, or a dozen. I grow tired of the chains of their bondage, so tired I would give head or hand to the glorious cause of revolution. If we must claw, tooth and nail, from beneath them, we will rise harder and stonger and faster than they’ve ever known before.

Yeah, but when you’re done, you’ll look around and wonder what all the fuss was for.

It’s an abuse since it isn’t a function of the job it is a consequence of the position. Posting in a closed thread for whatever reason is only possible by mods, but they aren’t doing it to moderate the forum and keep things in line, it is done for their fun and amusment, therefore it is an abuse. It isn’t an outrageous abuse of power, but it is an abuse none the less.

Guys potential mod power abuse is like the only thing that’s motivating people to make shrines ok >:(

well that and hot sinistral staff pr0n

It’s serious business this internet.