Do the crab scuttle!

It’s a dance!

The pose:

  1. Get on your tip toes

  2. Bend your knees

  3. Make crabby arms, pinch them together on occasion…

The dance:

  1. First, know that the dance is a sideways movement. You’ll be moving more to your left and right than necesarily forward or backward.

  2. Step 1/4: Step sideways. Don’t step too far! It’s not the crab stride, or the crab lunge! It’s the crab SCUTTLE! :stuck_out_tongue: You should step with the foot that corresponds to the side you’re moving towards. In other words, if you’re moving left, do this step with your left foot, and use your right foot when going right.

  3. Step 2/4: Take your other foot and continue moving in the same direction. You should cross your other foot up. In other words, if you are moving left, your right foot should be farther to the left, and vice versa for moving right. Guys, watch out, this step can really hurt your balls if you’re not careful. And, the important part about this step is, your stepping foot should be in front of your other foot.

  4. Step 3/4: Same as step one. Remember, not too far. It’ll feel a little farther this time, because your feet should be uncrossing.

  5. Step 4/4: Same as step 2. The difference between this step and the second step though, is that this time, the stepping foot will go behind your other foot.

  6. Make scuttley crabbey sounds. :smiley:

  7. If you want to change directions, do Step 1 and Step 2, then place your crossing foot back to its former position. In other words, put it where it was before you started step 2. Now you can start moving in the other direction.


The crab scuttle is a dance I learned in marching band. In fact, you had to, because if you were in marching percussion, this is how you step sideways in corps marching. Of course, I always thought it looked like a crab scuttle, and thus we all called it that. Now you not only know some basics of corps marching (minus the scuttle sounds :P), but you know a REALLY COOL DANCE. :smiley: Enjoy.

I remember doing that, or actually watching drummers take out other drummers as they learned it. Hahaha, base drummers look funny when they fall forwards. Good times, good times.

Excellent, I think I’ll go to the bar or something and try to pick up girls with that dance.

<b><u><i>FUCK CRAB DAY</b></u></i>

<VickiMints> Aww, SG, I’d do the crab scuttle with you! Should I post that?